Quarantine Queries – Optics

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Maybe it’s just me slowly succumbing to cabin fever (doubtful, I love working at my home desk right next to my gun bench) but in various groups of collective inquiry the optics flag was flying high and heavy. This isn’t all that surprising with the boat load (probably literally) of new firearms that have hit the hands of consumers. So this will be the first of a series (perhaps) of “Quarantine Queries” or things that seem to trend in the information hungry interwebz while we are all more stuck at home and on the interwebz.

But this question series seemed to arise from a more mature segment of gun owners, those who have one or more fairly well fleshed out and are looking to make a change to a platform or build up a new one.

Josh narrates the NX8 review concisely and it is one of the most positive qualities about the 9-Hole content. The NX8 made it into the comments of most of the threads I participated in whether talking Aero guns, FN’s, Knight’s, or the Tavor 7.

Nearly every optic has its die-hard champions and detractors. What the engineers behind the optics all recognize is that they are incrementally improving technology thanks to rapid prototyping and manufacturing but they still generally have to pick a strong point, or a couple strong points, when it comes to a particular design.

The NX8’s focus, even with top tier material selection, was managing a small footprint unlike almost every other 1-8 available. My own March F is the only other in that space I have found and that isn’t a daylight bright optic (although they may have a fix for that with a new switch, unconfirmed.)

So in honor of those optic queries, here is an optic answer. Make sure to give 9-Hole the like and subscribe too.

Keith Finch
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