Blaser R8

In this new segment, JJ tells why certain guns, gear and optics are the best available regardless of price. And as you can imagine, normally this, uh, shiiiiituff, ain't cheap!

Aimpoint, Scalarworks, and LAV release… the Aimpoint T2

Yep. You read that correctly. Vickers Tactical, Scalarworks, and Aimpoint released the Aimpoint T2 on a 1.57 Scalarworks mount for $949, or four interest free payments of 237.25 with sezzle (seriously, these...

My “Learner” AR

I dragged my nearly ten year-old “Learner” AR out of the safe this week and took it to sight-in at the range. The reasons for this are convoluted. Allow me to explain.

AR-15 Breakdown – Rifles, Pistols, Firearms

U.S. Firearms laws are a substantial godforsaken mess. Most of them rarely make sense, and firearms manufacturers are smarter than lawmakers and often find a way around silly rules. The AR-15 is...

Wear Anything and Carry – The PHLster ENIGMA

I'm just going to let you hit play on this one and let Jon and Sarah show you. They have broken the code, cracked the matrix, shaken the...