The CZ PDW Brace – Slick and Sleek

The CZ Scorpion is one of my favorite sub guns. I own three of them at this point and my standard model is my oldest. To put things into perspective the first brace to ever grace it was the classic SIG brace, also known as the SB 15. The CZ PDW Brace from SB Tactical is a welcome upgrade to that classic brace. The CZ PDW Brace is brand new and was developed hand in hand with Manticore arms. The Brace comes stock on the Micro Scorpion and has recently been released as a separate option to retrofit your Scorpion.

Inside the SB Tactical CZ PDW Brace

What’s cool is the SB Tactical variant has two adjustment slots to change the length of the brace. The Micro Scorpion model only has one. The brace is also a high-quality piece. The only nonmetal portion is the rubberized brace portion on the end of the CZ PDW. The CZ PDW is made from 6061 hard coated anodized aluminum. It looks amazing and comes in FDE and Black.

Using the CZ PDW Brace

Installing it takes no time at all. Just slide it on and it’s secure. The brace collapses to a small package and adds 3.25 inches to the rear of the gun. In the mid position, the brace’s length is 7 inches and when fully extended it’s 9.25 inches. Deployment is very quick, just grip and rip it. It will extend to the mid position. To extend it to the final position depress the top button and pull it.

The top button is ambidextrous and also collapses the brace. It’s simple and effective. The Brace comes with a velcro strap and securing it over your arm should be done with the weapon unloaded. Its a one sized fits all design and it latches over my massive forearm easily enough. It certainly aids in supporting the big CZ Scorpion pistol. It balances it very well and allows you to more easily use something like a red dot optic.

Now, the ATF has said you can shoulder braces. If you choose to take that route you will have a very small brace to press against your shoulder, or to use as a cheek rest. But it’s not going to provide you with much of a cheek rest. The steel bars aren’t exactly supportive. The good news is that the big and heavy Scorpion only shoots a 9mm round. The recoil is minimal and the metal bars aren’t digging into your cheek.

Bang Bang Time

The CZ PDW brace on a CZ Scorpion is a great way to improve the handling of your weapon on the range. It’s much easier to reach out and touch a target with the brace installed. Out to 50 yards, you’ll have no problems with small target engagement. Move back to 75 to 100 yards and you’ll still tear up the torsos of a man-sized target.

The additional braced support allows you to stabilize the weapon, which means you’ll see less movement when aiming, increase your overall control over the weapon, and you’ll be able to resist recoil and muzzle rise easier.

This all results in a more effective weapon. The CZ PDW brace does have some wiggle to it, as do most PDW stocks. This means you won’t have the best lock up, but on a 9mm sub gun, this isn’t a critical issue. At the range that this gun is effective a little bit of movement isn’t going to be a serious detriment to your accuracy.

The Complete Package

The CZ PDW brace aligns you in a manner that allows you to very easily utilize the sights on the CZ Scorpion. The low bars replicate the lower position and sloping design of the original CZ stock. This was a smart move and guarantees everything is aligned and accessible. Beyond the sights, this placement is comfortable and allows you to see the ejection port and controls without having to contort your head into a difficult position.

When I ran this gun with the AR buffer tube adapter and the SB15 brace I found it to be somewhat high, and it didn’t allow proper coordination with the weapon’s sights. The CZ PDW brace has no such issue.

The CZ PDW brace is not the only CZ brace out there, but to me, it certainly looks the slickest. The SBT Evo is more traditional and does have a more supportive design. The CZ PDW brace is the quickest to deploy and swings into action in a flash. Pull it rearward and you are ready to go. It makes concealment and deployment from a small bag easy and quick.

Finally, it also just looks cool. I know looks shouldn’t matter, but let’s face it the CZ PDW brace looks sexy on the gun. That PDW look is a natural one for sub guns and gives a reduced overall bulk compared to other braced options.  The Braces from SB Tactical are famed for a reason, they work, they look great and they are functional. I have SB Tactical braces on my MPX, my KPOS Glock kit, my Mossberg Shockwave, my 80 percent lower AR pistol, and now two of my Scorpions.

Travis Pike
Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record setting 11 months at sea. He’s trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines and the Afghan National Army. He serves as an NRA certified pistol instructor and teaches concealed carry classes.