Vertx Womens Line: The Swift Hoody

The Vertx Women's Lifestyle Collection is made for exactly what is in the move with us through the activities and jobs within our life.. Now, the Womens Swift hoody is a low signature piece of clothing that keeps us comfortable while still giving us access to our equipment for the job.

Being a woman within the firearms and outdoor community can be tough when it comes to clothing choices. We need items that move with us and don’t hinder the job at hand yet still allow us to feel presentable and attractive. We shouldn’t have to look like a man to do the job of one. The Vertx Womens Lifestyle collection fills the clothing vacancy that we have been so long waiting to be filled. Our first article of clothing we talked about was the Kesher Ops Pant. Then, the Womens Fury Hardshell Jacket. Now, the Swift Hoody. A simple and comfortable piece of clothing with additional access to our carry, loops for comms compatibilty, and a comfortable hood that doesn’t block our view. All made with the same core regulating 37.5 Technology within the material.

From the Company

Pink it and shrink it may be the design philosophy of some women’s brands, but Vertx focuses on the end-user, and in this case, a layering piece that’s become the Women’s Swift Hoody.”- Vertx Designer

Vertx is showing its large amount of knowledge and time when it comes to designing womens clothing. Shrink it and pink it is what many other clothing companies have done when going from their mens line to creating a womens line. Knowing women..that just doesn’t work. Vertx has women designers on the team that put years into developing one product, such as the Swift hoody, to ensure that it wasn’t just shrunk and turned into a feminine color, but actually fit to the womans shape, kept attractive, and still hid what we may have under our garments during the job.

Fabric and Technology

Like other items in the Vertx Womens Lifestyle Line, the Swift Hoody features Vaporcore 37.5® Technology. This technology keeps your core temperature regulated. It has been noticed that a lot of Vertx’s clothing can be worn both in the warm spring days and the chillier fall, the Vaporcore tech is why.

The hoody also is entirely lined with an Internal AbrasionGuard™. This ensures that your EDC gear doesn’t introduce wear. Don’t worry though, the lining is durable but still comfortable.

Key Features

The Pouch

The Swift Hoody features a lined pouch that allows the user to access their Everyday Carry (EDC) equipment without letting anyone know that they are going for it, or even have it. Inside the pouch are two zippers that can be unzipped from the inside while wearing. This allows the user to put their hand through and grab onto what they need. To others, it just looks like the user simply is resting their arms in the pouch, yet in reality they can hold, grab, and present anything on their belt line all while their hands are inside the pouch. It is a very wide access so it doesn’t hinder movement while the hand is inside.

The Hood/Neck

The design of the hood and neck is very different than other hoodies. It is actually made to aid the user when worn. The “Crossover hood design adds coverage without blocking peripheral.” So while it adds coverage it won’t block your eyes and head from looking side to side.

The neck crossover design doesn’t choke but covers the chest enough to stay warm.

The Backside

The back of the Swift Hoody features a specific hem that aids in keeping covered when bending or sitting. Instead of other companies just adding longer material, Vertx added a hem that’ll keep the shape of the hoodie to cover the backside.

Options to Buy

Colors: It’s Black, Blue Surge

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge

Price: $89.99

Stephanie’s AAR (After Attirement Review)

Note: I am 5’2, 125 lbs, and wear a size small. I am also wearing a Phlster Engima in some of the photos which helps with concealability if you don’t want to wear a belt but still gives you your usual kydex holder to safely wear and draw from.

I have worn the Vertx Swift hoody in both warm and cooler climates within Virginia. The temperature regulated material used isn’t just a gimmeck. During hiking it was about 70-75 degrees and I wore a tank top, the hoodie, and a sports bra on top with leggings on bottom. I didn’t overheat at all and stayed comfortable. During the cooler weather of about 40 degrees I wore this both with and without the Vertx Fury Hardshell as a wind breaker. I was warm but when the wind stopped I just ran the hoody. I was fine. I also wore the hoody for a day at a National Rifle League Hunter match in Georgia and kept cool in the day and warm at night.

The shape of the hoodie does help conceal materials on the belt well. I have ran both the Phlster Enigma with leggings and a holster with jeans with the Discreet Carry Concepts Clips. Both concealed fine. I was also able to grab the gun quickly with the kangaroo pouch access. The gun shown in the photo is a Sig P365 with Holosun 407K in a Phlster Skelton holster on the Phlster Enigma.

Wearing the size small I had free movement in my chest and arms and the length of the sleeves were perfect. I did not use the thumb holes on the sleeves.

My favorite thing about the Hoody? The Neck design. It doesn’t make me feel claustrophobic but does still give me protection from the elements and keep me covered.

If I were to change anything about the hoody I would ask that that change the material on the kangaroo pouch. It wasn’t uncomfortable, just sometimes I do only wear a sports bra with a hoodie so the difference in material is a tad weird.

Overall, it’s a happy addition to my closet as it is the only second layer type of clothing that gives me access to my gun without having to show that I’m going for it. In sketchy situations I believe that that is necessary. Not presenting..but being ready.

Anna Martinez
Anna is a Federal Weapons Gunsmith with 8 years of previous experience within the US Army Ordnance Corps (91F). She has taken multiple armorer and weapons proficiency classes to include FN, Knights Armament, and Small Arms Weapons Expert course. She also writes for American Gunsmith, AR Build Junkie, and is active in Precision Rifle sports around the nation.