Vertx Womens Lifestyle Line at SHOT Show 2022

I stop by and look at the VERTX womens lifestyle line, get some more info on the background of the company, and talk about future products.

Vertx brought it at SHOT Show this year. Showing off many of their packs, duffles, and clothing they have really shown maturity in their covert clothing and equipment. See a video of their booth HERE.

The Products

My time at the booth was mostly focused on the womens line and learning more about the company.

Trailhawk Jacket

The Trailhawk Jacket is the newest of the womens line. It is a thick casual jacket made with a synthetic wax finish. This jacket will protect you from both wind and water due to the protective coating and thickness of the material. The fit of this jacket still allows you to move, grab items on your beltline with inner access pockets, and have enough pockets to store equipment and personal items. Talking to a R&D employee, he mentioned using this jacket as a fall type jacket that holds up to walks in the woods. I have paired this jacket with jeans and boots and it looked well put together and normal casual wear.

Swift Hoodie

A the new Swift hoodie, I myself have not worn this hoodie yet however I was able to feel the material at the booth and look closer. The neckline is a great high V cut allowing neck movement so you don’t feel like you’re being choked but high enough to still have protection. They are looking at keeping this neckline for future clothing items. The material is a thick and soft material so it will be warm and cozy. Also, it uses the patented 37.5 technology keeping your body at a regulated temperature. Just like the Fury Hardshell Jacket that I previously wrote an article on here after wearing it for 8 months.

Guardian Tank and Collins Henley

The Guardian and Collins shirts both have the mesh fabric inner liner that is SO NEEDED for women. Concealed carry can get uncomfortable and the mesh lining protects your stomach during chafing. They are looking at changing the material of the shirts to allow more airflow and mobility within the shirt. The mesh fabric runs halfway up so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable around your chest which other tanks that run a liner run it fully up causing annoyance over the upper chest area.

Burrell Stretch Jeans

The Burrell Stretch Jeans, which I have been wearing for months, finally give women a comfortable pair of pants to wear while working. It is truly stretch fabric and stays tight to your backside while giving it enough coverage. It is so comfortable that I have worn it to the range and got into weird positions with no issues. Plus, they look like flattering normal jeans and I have worn them to work about three times a week because they are just so comfortable but professional and has enough pockets for equipment.

A little tip that I learned from a R&D employee? If you are looking at a pair of pants and you want to know how well it will cover your backside, which women care a lot about, simply place the jeans flat on the ground and let the pantline fall naturally. If the back of the pants, the butt pantline is above the front it will have more coverage. You will see the natural line is not the same in the front of back, it will show almost an oval shape.

Major Takeaways

The Fit and Process

All of the womens clothing is made after completely designing a new product. They don’t take a mans product and just make it smaller and change the color, they look at everything on a womans body and her job to make the best product that they can. If you are wearing this line make sure to send an email to customer service with feedback, the company wants it and that is how we get better and better items from the companies we love.

Remember, all of the clothing is comms compatible and allows for access to equipment on the body.

The biggest takeaway though? When I was asking about when we are going to see some new products an R&D employee stated that the R&D process from start to finish will take 22 months. 22 MONTHS. To me, that is showing that they want to do it right before pushing it out. I love it.

The Future

In the future, look for more shooting sports capable clothing AND BAGS. Turns out that they have a R&D line just for shooting sports and outdoor clothing. Also on the womens side of the house, keep an eye out for more fashionable but comfortable jeans and a workplace shirt made just for women without the “shrinking and pinking it”.

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Anna Martinez
Anna is a Federal Weapons Gunsmith with 8 years of previous experience within the US Army Ordnance Corps (91F). She has taken multiple armorer and weapons proficiency classes to include FN, Knights Armament, and Small Arms Weapons Expert course. She also writes for American Gunsmith, AR Build Junkie, and is active in Precision Rifle sports around the nation.