Vanquest Envoy 3 Review – Making a Great Bag Better

The Unlisted changes.

Looking over my Envoy Gen 2 vs. the new Envoy Gen 3, I have found several other tweaks and changes that are not listed on the Vanquest website.

Upgraded shoulder pad.

Vanquest Envoy 3 Review - Enhanced Shoulder pad
Enhanced Shoulder pad

The shoulder pad now has a 3-inch square patch of non-slip material sown in. The pad itself is just as comfortable as before, but now it stays in place better than ever.

More Hook and Loop

The front most zippered pocket is designed to work as a document pocket, however it can be used as a concealed carry pocket depending on how you like to draw. This pocket like the primary concealed carry pocket on the back has been upgraded with hook and loop for accessory mounting.

Vanquest Envoy 3 Review - Luggage friendly
Still works great with luggage

Inverted Seam on Handles

Vanquest Envoy 3 Review - Wider Mouth
Wider Mouth Laptop Zipper

The neoprene padded handles is a virtue we have pontificated on in the past. They have kept the same material but moved the large seam from the top of the handle to the bottom. The bottom seam is also upgraded with an over lining that makes it more aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing.

Top Zipper Expanded

The top flap’s zipper has been expanded an inch over all. By moving the edges out ½ an inch on each side means you can now get a laptop out the zipper slot instead of opening the messenger flap.

Tried and True

Vanquest Envoy 3 Review - Top DownThe rest of the bag sticks with the Gen 2 physical specs found in our previous review. That is a good thing. Internal and external measurements are identical when the Nalgene side pockets are closed. The Gen 3 will also accommodate the existing optional Drop-In Organizer.

The stitching and quality appear to be on par with the previous generations that have been applauded by many users and reviewers. After about 30 days with this one I have found no issues and my old one had lasted through 2 years of heavy use without issues.


Normally in these reviews we list cons. Almost all of our cons listed from the previous Gen 2 have been addressed. The only one that remains is that the main internal pocket does not have as much hook and loop as I would like. They have added enough in other places that it is no longer an issue, but it is the last of the cons I had for this bag.

Final Thoughts

I am so glad to see the upgrades to a bag I have loved since the gen 1. The Gen 1 lovers who held off on the Gen 2 will be very happy. The Gen 2 people who have the budget for a new bag will also find these upgrades worth a look. If you never had the experience of owning an Envoy, then the Gen 3 is your chance to cut the line and get the best version yet.

The Envoy 3.0 is available for $149.99 (same MSRP as the previous Envoy 2.0, so you get upgraded features without extra cost) and can be ordered directly from Vanquest. More information and specs on the Envoy 3.0 are available here:

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