Mike Jones finds the AK-50

For those who haven’t followed the project, I have commented upon it often enough here.

This project by Brandon Herrera has been one of the most transparent looks into product prototyping by a small company that we have been brought along on the ride for. If you ever wonder what companies like Robinson Armament or Serbu went through to produce firearms that aren’t just reproductions of current designs, perhaps with small variances, and aren’t backed by a major international name like FN, Colt, H&K, or Sig Sauer, then this is the look.

The development is actually a slogfest of making all these parts actually work together correctly AND be able to produce them consistently, economically, and durably enough to make the production work. They also have to assembled by a team that didn’t design the thing and tested by people who didn’t have a direct hand in the original design too. It is a massive undertaking of bringing theory into practical performance.

Making a working firearm is a massive undertaking, pun absolutely intended for the .50, it is not simply a CAD file and go.

Keith Finch
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