Maxim Defense has MPX and MCX CQB Stocks!

If you’ve been following Sig Sauer the last couple years the company has been forging out new products like Hephaestus. Ammo, Optics, Legion Series, and the P320 that is now the XM17.

Among those were two evolutionary new carbines, the MPX and MCX.

MCX Series

But… let’s face it, to some of us they kinda phoned in the stock options. Like no one at Sig told the stock guy he was the stock guy and instead left him to make some very good picatinny lock ups for stocks and told him on Friday after lunch that there has to be a stock attached too by Monday…

Well the innovators at Maxim Defense didn’t stop with their fantastic CQB Stock and Brace systems for the AR’s and have given us a solution.

The new CQB stocks offer what many of the earlier stocks from other sources lacked, adjustability and cheek weld.


At 17.5 oz for the MPX and 17.7 oz for the MCX and adding from 4.18 to 9 inches in stock length from the start of the rear receiver picatinny rail the 5 position stocks are a welcome addition for shooters looking at the aftermarket for stock options on their Sig Sauer carbines.

I’ll let Maxim’s release cover the rest… Now where is that VIRTUS?

From Maxim Defense Themselves

Keith Finch
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