“Letter to the Editor: Assault weapon ‘designed to cause the most casualtes [sic] … has no reasonable recreational purpose’”

Well the title already baffles me since I can think of five off the top of my head.

  1. Hunting
  2. Action Shooting Sports, 2-Gun/3-Gun
  3. Classic CMP Shooting Sports
  4. Recreational Informal Target Shooting
  5. Recreational Firearm Training

With that stellar beginning, this letter should be well reasoned, well informed, and enlighten me to new ways I might be wrong, right?

“This is my country, grandest on earth” is a line from a patriotic song composed in the ’40s, an inspiration for my pride in being born in and a defender of this nation.

Oh… oh no. Not the ‘Veteran Expert’ ploy already. The best most veterans achieve, unless they take to this field in stride and with a passion for it, is ‘proficient’ and their marksmanship badge level means little. But thank you for your service nonetheless, sir. It is appreciated.

Continue please.

We are a great nation, even with our faults, which we know exist, as we continue to discuss and debate about them and then discuss them again.

I can agree with this. Whole heartedly. But this is the natural state of human society, it is alive and it changes. We emote, and we discuss, and debate, and agree on things, and disagree on other things. This is life. We progress, even if you don’t believe certain things are progress by your moral compass, the human trend is overwhelmingly positive. We are healthier, wealthier, and more knowledgeable than we have ever been. The information age is consistently showing light into the still dark corners of human comprehension and we’d merely deluded ourselves into believing we were further than we were, not that we haven’t come far.

We have major crises that are tearing at the core of our nation, which we must face, discuss and reason with to come to a sensible solution — but I digress before coming to the point.

It is okay to wander in your thoughts.

We’ve constantly gone to foreign shores to correct the tyrannies forced upon the humanity of sovereign nations.

Umm… about that…

We were not always successful in our endeavors, but we did our duties well, in unity and with honor.

Our troops have often conducted themselves with utmost professionalism in their missions, but let’s not pretend that the United States has not done wrong in recent conflicts. There were a myriad issues of various sorts in the conduct of both the Iraq and Afghan campaigns even if Saddam and the Taliban were more than worthy of being crushed militarily for their sins.

We performed these humanity-saving tasks because we worked in unity. In working in unity, we stuck to the point of what we could accomplish and what our goal was.

We did not. That was among the most crippling of problems was lack of endgame and exit strategy. In World War II we certainly did very very well in both the military campaign and reconstituting Europe afterwards, but remember that wasn’t purely altruistic as we were fortifying against the Soviets.

We are in deep discussions concerning the public safety of our nation and the illegal use of firearms. We have not been unified, and we have not moved toward a common goal. We have made up our minds that we are right, and we do not listen to possible agreeable solutions. We love our guns and have a long history of hugging and hanging on to them.

We also have a knowledge of history that isn’t as sugar coated as the one you’re mentioning above. We know that all government, even ours, is a calculated risk and must be balanced against. We know that government is incapable of ensuring our absolute safety and that the suggestions of various prohibitions are more effective at filling their election warchests and not solving violence.

One major issue that sparks fire in our discussion of gun control and safety is the ability that nonmilitary or non-law enforcement people are able to obtain assault weapons.

Because the military and law enforcement, especially law enforcement, have proven themselves so worthy of our full faith and confidence?

Yes, this is just one gun, and all guns can kill.

Yes, they can. A weapon in the hands of a evil motivated person, one who is unopposed, is a significant public threat.

We will always have lawful, legal gun owners in this country, and it is their right, as the Second Amendment states; however, the assault weapon is the only gun that needs to be regulated as far as its distribution is concerned.


The assault weapon was designed to cause the most casualties and lethal wounds during an assault in combat, and it has no reasonable recreational purpose.

Minus the five I listed above, or collecting which is also recreational, no reasonable purpose?

Tell me you do not know, or remember, how warfare is prosecuted without telling me you know? You tell me that an assault rifle is a devastating weapon of war. The personal defense weapon of the individual trooper is one tiny cog in the arsenal of warfare, and while important, real fighting is done with high explosives and movement, armor and air power, the ability of a squad to complete an attack is granted by the assault rifle, it is the combination of efforts that allow you to move where you need without your opponent being able to. Your force counters and controls their force.

The rifle is one small method of force and injury in combat and it is equally offensive and defensive as the needs of the individual troop shifts.

It is for this reason it is exactly the weapon the 2nd Amendment is to protect, the individual arm most effective at defense or offense as the justifiable need of the individual or community arises.

It does not need a “reasonable recreational purpose” because the rifle’s purpose is not recreation. It is to fight. People fight for illegitimate reasons some time, that does not invalidate other folks legitimate right to fight at need.

No one is coming for all of your guns, as it is declared in many debates, because in this country, the Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms.

Oh? No one?

Thankfully, thanks to the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision, it looks like you’re right, sir. But we still have a long series of fights in the courts to win while we all get called bitter clingers, and gun nuts, and any other number of derogatory terms that invalidates our existence as second class.

Sticking to the point: Let’s take the assault weapon(s) off the market and use the money saved by not purchasing that gun to buy gas.



Gas is expensive guys, so let me propose we remove the a weapon type I clearly don’t understand, for reasons I barely fathom but feel are correct, with evidence that isn’t evidence, so that bad things will keep occurring but I feel that I did something about it. Like changing my Facebook photo background.

No, I’m not saying showing solidarity with a cause via media is wrong. It isn’t. I’m saying people assigning artificial over-importance to it is old and a waste of all our time.

Prohibition doesn’t work.


Evil people do not ask your permission to commit atrocities with things you have the right to, nor does that alter your right to them. By that thing existing we are not giving anyone permission to sin, we need to stop acting like we are. By owning alcohol and a car you are not permitting nor condoning reckless driving. By owning a rifle you are giving noone permission to act to evil.

Keith Finch
Keith is the Editor-in-Chief of GAT Marketing Agency, Inc. editor@gatdaily.com A USMC Infantry Veteran and Small Arms and Artillery Technician, Keith covers the evolving training and technology from across the shooting industry. A Certified Instructor since 2009, he has taught concealed weapons courses in the West Michigan area in the years since and continues to pursue training and teaching opportunities as they arise.