Is the MK12 a ‘Recce’ Rifle?

Remember kids, “Recce” is a task not a rifle.

That doesn’t stop the MK12, and the NSW Recce builds, from being the precursors to the modern state of the M4 and the progenitors of the variable optic and multilight multisight setups that are dominant today. The infantry rifle in the Marine Corps is what would once have been a ‘Recce’ or Designated Marksman or other precision type setup.

Is this Recce?

The Recce and MK12 were our serious forays into information gathering optics. While they helped you hit the target, the numbers don’t lie, they more so help the user see details on the target within the effective range of the platform to influence the target. Rifles, machine guns, and high explosives even aren’t solely about killing your enemy. They are about influencing the enemy’s behavior. If they’re maneuvering, you’re getting them to stop. If they’re not moving, you’re getting them to start. If you need them to move somewhere you make it so that is the only place they can move and so forth. Hits put enemies down but that isn’t the only influence someone can project with a well equipped rifle and the right information.




Enjoy Josh and Henry’s video on the MK12’s speed run. I’m a MOD1 guy myself, the Knight’s free float quad is just my kind of jam.

Thanks reddit, this is nice.
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