Glock 43 Micro-Light and more: new Streamlight TLR6 models

Micro Light for Hellcat micro compact pistol

Streamlight has announced the availability of several new models of micro-lights this March. The new additions will expand the TLR-6 lineup to include a micro-light for Glock 48 (and 43X), another for the Springfield Armory Hellcat, and a laser-less WML option for the SIG Sauer P365 and P365XL will be available.

Not surprisingly, all of the new models of Streamlight weapon light are designed to mount to the rail of and trigger guard of the intended pistols, i.e. micro-compacts. The Streamlight release describes this as an intention to “…maximize visibility and targeting capability in a variety of concealed carry, home defense, and tactical applications.

That may be self-evident to some, but not all. If all possible, a weapon intended for defense should have a light on it as a matter of course. There are strong arguments for having a laser on your EDC pistol too; striker-fired and other semi-autos for certain, revolvers in those rare cases it’s possible. Streamlight makes a wide variety of pistol lights and lasers.

Streamlight Weapon Light: TLR-6 All New Models

• 100 lumens 

• 2,000 candela

• 1 hour run time on maximum output

• 89m (292 ft.) beam distance

• Size 2.33 in. long for the Springfield Hellcat and 2.12 in. Glock 43X and Glock 48

• Non-laser TLR-6 for SIG P365 and P365XL are 2.5 in. 

A micro-light for Glock 48 model pistols: Streamlight has other micro lights and lasers as well.

Light/laser models

• 3 lighting modes: LED, LED/Laser, and Laser only

• Run time on laser-only is eleven (11) hours

The new WMLs are powered by two (2) 3 Volt CR-1/3N lithium coin batteries. They feature an integrated battery door that permits batteries to be replaced while the light remains mounted on the gun, eliminating the need to re-sight the laser after a battery change.

Each light is manufactured from durable, impact-resistant engineered polymer and is IPX4 rated for water-resistant operation as well as impact-resistant tested to one meter.