Comrade Thumb: Mike takes on the AKM

The AKM is the most widely produced assault rifle in the world. Often mislabeled as its predecessor, the AK 47, the Soviet designed 7.62x39mm rifle armed most of the Union (the main exception was the Czechoslovakian designed VZ 58). Mike “GarandThumb”, one of our favorite gun guys in plaid, gives a fantastic overview of this well aged rifle.

The AKM, like the AR will be a legacy weapon that lasts a century or more. It’s obsolescent phase will be a long one, drawn out by the fact the core rifle works so well. My Galil ACE is a direct descendent with a slew of ergonomic improvements around a largely unchanged internal. The X95 and PWS ARs uses the long stroke piston that makes up the heart of the system.

AK vs M16A1 image via Wikipedia
Vietnam War
Laotian Civil War
Portuguese Colonial War
Rhodesian Bush War
Cambodian Civil War
Nigerian Civil War[1]
The Troubles
Angolan Civil War[2]
Yom Kippur War[3]
Lebanese Civil War[4]
Ethiopian Civil War[5]
Cambodian–Vietnamese War
Chadian–Libyan conflict
Sino-Vietnamese War
Soviet–Afghan War[6]
Nicaraguan Revolution
Iran–Iraq War[7]
United States invasion of Grenada[8]
Kurdish–Turkish conflict
LRA insurgency
First Liberian Civil War
Persian Gulf War
Rwandan Civil War[9]
Somali Civil War[10]
Georgian Civil War[11]
Algerian Civil War
Yugoslav Wars
First Chechen War
Second Chechen War
Second Liberian Civil War
War in Afghanistan (2001–present)
Ivorian Civil Wars
Iraq War
War in Darfur[12]
Mexican Drug War
Russo-Georgian War
Boko Haram insurgency
Libyan Civil War
Syrian Civil War
Central African Republic Civil War (2012–present)[13]
War in Donbass
Iraqi Civil War (2014–2017)
Yemeni Civil War (2015–present)

A long list of conflicts from the 60’s until today have the AKM at its heart. The AK has history. It’s legacy is effectiveness. It is often on every side in a conflict, so many exist. List via Wikipedia

It’s quite the statement of success for a device. It’s wielders are not always benevolent, but such is true of any technology that can project power.


Keith Finch
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