5.11 Tactical debuts new covert handbags for concealed-carry

5.11 Tactical is one of the more prominent names in outerwear and apparel in the tactical community is lifting the curtain on a new series of “covert handbags” designed to give shooters — women in particular — more options for concealing handguns.

Much of women’s fashion is not well-suited for concealed carry, especially when it comes to double-stack service-size pistols. Off-body carry in a pack or purse is sometimes the only way for some shooters to be able to conceal a bigger gun, and makes these bags appealing to women and men who don’t want to compromise by carrying a smaller gun, or no gun at all.

Of course these bags are designed to appeal to women, primarily, featuring contrasting white triple-stitched lines and satin leather piping on both the satchel and the tote. 5.11 Tactical is kicking things off with two bags for now, the Sarah Satchel and Lucy Tote.

Sarah Satchel

“We have been focused on providing products that are designed specifically for our female customers,” said Tom Davin, chief executive officer of 5.11 Tactical, adding, “Both of our new handbags serve as fully functioning, stylish options for women that don’t require them to compromise performance or durability.”

Both are a lot more chic than your average 5.11 accessory but they’re still on the functional and practical side of things as far as handbags are concerned. 5.11 Tactical will offer the tote back and the satchel in black with black highlights or military brown with black highlights. The bags use water-resistant nylon panels and faux leather trim.

These bags use what 5.11 calls the TacTec System for concealing a pistol. It’s a thick-walled open top pistol comportment that’s held shut magnetically. The pockets are centered on the sides of the bags for ambidextrous use.

Additionally these bags sport some features designed for off-duty law enforcement officers including badge slot in every bag and in the larger Lucy Tote, a pocket for flex cuffs. Like you would expect with all 5.11 Tactical products, these bags are built with durable materials and self-healing YKK zippers.

Both bags have an MSRP of $109 and real-world prices are expected to be quite a bit less than $100. If you’re interested in learning more about the new Lucy Tote and Sarah Satchel visit 5.11 Tactical for details.

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