Sneaky Bags Covert Rifle Bag – First Look

I’m a big fan of keeping a low profile. The way I carry a gun, the knife I carry, and even the clothes I wear are chosen to help me not to be noticed. It’s hard when you’re six foot five, but I try to make it work. I love when gun companies produce gear for people who like to be low profile. This is why when I stumbled onto They produce a variety of low profile gun bags that are aimed at carrying guns, ammunition, and other mission essential gear. I was able to get my hands on the covert rifle bag and had some time to take out to give you readers a look.

The Covert Rifle Bag

The Covert Rifle Bag comes in two different sizes medium, and small. The medium accommodates rifles up to 36 inches long and the small accommodates rifles up to 31 inches long.  I chose the small bag because the smaller bag is lower profile and I have weapons that fit it perfectly.

Covert Rifle Bag

Once I received the bag I was immediately impressed by the construction. It’s a very well made and just feels like a quality piece of gear. The stitching is top notch, the material is nice and stiff and the bag itself looks great. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t look tactical. It’s not covered in MOLLE or hook and loop. Nothing about it screams ‘this is a gun!’

It’s larger than your average backpack sure, but it’s round design and plain Jane face is a good disguise. If I had never seen the bag before I would assume it is a sporting goods bag or some kind of outdoors and camping equipment bag. The colors aren’t even tactical, and neither is the little removable logo.

What can it hold?

The full review will have me testing it with a variety of rifles, and gear. I’ll see what fits, and how well it all fits. Today I used some very simple gear to stretch it out. This included a SCAR 16s, with Otto Arms stock, a simple Bushnell Red dot, and a magazine. I also was able to fit my Blue Force Gear Plate minus plate carrier with soft armor installed in front of the SCAR, using the divider to separate them.

Covert Rifle Bag

In the small front pouch, I was able to squeeze in my Blue Force Gear Ten Speed M4 Chest rig with three mags and a nice. Four mags would have fit if I went that route. The plate carrier also had my gloves and an AMK Trauma kit. This is what I would call a good fighting load. I can carry it all, in a low profile manner, in a single bag. Pretty impressive in my opinion.

My full review is going to go through a complete rundown of all the different gear and gadgets I can fit and different configurations they will work in. I’m also taking it on a road trip this weekend and see how it handles with some miles under its belt.

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