Review – Vanguard Advanced VG2 by Raven Concealment

After about 45 days of wearing the Vanguard 2 holster, we got a call asking us not to publish our review because Chappy and the team at Raven wanted to send us over something special.

The next day we received an upgrade kit. Taking from the huge success of the Eidolon Holster (Review in cue), The Vanguard 2 Advanced has ben upgraded to include what many call the Eidolon wing (Raven calls it the RCS CLAW) as well as a new belt attachment option called Overhooks.

IMG_1770 (1)The RCS Claw, a nifty simple piece of injection-molded goodness, is designed to press against your belt. This creates a cantilever action, which brings the gun into your body for a tight fit. The idea is this claw will reduce printing in the most shapely of gentleman, like myself.

As a full figured male (it’s not my fault chicken wings taste so good), my sexy curves can get in the way of appendix carry. Think of the Vanguard 2 Advanced Kit as a pushup bra for appendix carry.

The Overhooks allow for a faster process to engage or disengage the holster from your belt while still securing it tightly to your body. Like the previous soft loops, they will allow you to tuck a dress shirt in should the need arise.

You can you buy the Vanguard 2 Advanced kit in a complete package for about ½ the price of a standard appendix carry rig. Or you can buy just the upgrade kit for your existing Vanguard 2. I love when companies support the products you already spent money on instead of forcing you to buy a completely new set of gear to receive the updates.

After wearing this now for about 90 days, there is good and bad to share with you.

The bad:

None of the issues we found with the holster are specific to the advanced version.

The most common complaint is the gun and holster need to be removed from your to re-holster the gun. This is not like most holsters where you can attach the holster to your pants as you get dressed and then slide the gun in.

This also goes for if you ever have to pull your gun in self-defense or as an officer you can’t just re-holster. This likely is why the Overhooks were added as an option; they make taking off or putting on the holster an easier process. Since most of us don’t draw our guns to use on a regular basis. I don’t have an issue with this challenge, but for some reason it is the item most often complained about. I am sure the internet lawyers, keyboard warriors and basement trolls will be more than happy to explain why this is not the type of holster an operator would wear.

Because the gun itself does not rest inside a piece of leather or Kydex, I have noticed the finish of the gun is getting scratched up. Especially on the barrel at the breech that often sits behind my pants button. I train with and carry my EDC gun regularly. I look at scratches as proof of that use and adds character to my firearm. In this regard, I’m a rarity, unfortunately.

The worst of the complaints about the Vanguard 2 is it is GLOCK only. This is one of the complaints I do understand 100%. I understand the GLOCK is popular but dammit I want one of these for every gun I own, not just my GLOCKs.

The Good:

The positive retention of the trigger guard has a loud audible click that tells you that it’s in place. That makes me feel secure when attaching a loaded pistol near my baby maker.

The RCS Claw made a bigger difference than I first expected. I have run an Eidolon, and the most comfortable configuration I wear does not have the RCS Claw attached. I assumed I would ultimately just use the overhooks and not use the RCS Claw on the Vanguard 2 as well. I was dead wrong. Having now worn it with the Claw I will never go back to being without it.