M&H Machining FNH SCAR Folding Charging Handle


You know we like SCARs (that I includes emotional, knife-inflicted, Cesarean, and the rifle-type too). Today we’re talking about a new charging handle from a small American company, M&H Machining. We like small American companies even more than we like SCARs. In fact, we like small American companies the way fat chicks like ice cream.  Mad Duo


M&H Machining FNH SCAR Folding Charging Handle


As big fans of the SCAR platform, we are always on the hunt for badass new accessories for our rifles. Several of our minions run these in DM and SBR configurations, so we get to see a wide range of the SCAR’s use. Recently we caught wind of a unique replacement charging handle for the SCAR, reminiscent of the HK G3 or FN FAL.


Some people have criticized the SCAR for its reciprocating charging handle, which is odd since so many other rifles have them, (such as the M1 Garand, M1 carbine, M14, SKS, AK-47, etc.) and it’s rare to hear the same complaints about those rifles. If you set your rifle up with the charging handle facing your support hand side, and like to shoot with a “magwell” type hold, it’s probably only a matter of time before your thumb meets the charging handle while the weapon cycles. But outside of this, it’s rare to get unwanted contact with the charging handle. The factory design also functions as the weapon’s forward assist, and serves well to do so if needed. Mostly the original charging handle is criticized for being too short, and too close to optics mounts hovering above. 


The M&H Machining charging handle, machined out of steel with a durable black oxide finish, is an interesting approach to these issues. The Texas-based company has a long history of machining, and the quality of their work is apparent in the design. They set out to make a folding, extended charging handle that would hold up to abuse and retain reliability, and succeeded in that goal.

Their charging handle is fully ambidextrous, and can be switched to either side of the SCAR in mere seconds. When in the folded position, the charging handle barely protrudes from the side of the weapon, but is still easy to grasp with your forefinger. The charging handle has a spring-loaded locking detent with two settings, closed and open.

In both positions we found that the swing-open arm of the charger will stay put. When firing the rifle with the charging handle closed, it stays tucked away until needed. If you swing open the arm to grasp the weapon for charging, but fail to push it back shut it will remain open during firing. At first we wished that the arm was spring loaded to snap shut on its own, but we realize now that this is a superior setup for a folding design. The ability to leave the charging handle locked open helps with clearing a stuck casing, using the “mortaring” technique; however if push came to shove you could kick or hammer it to the rear. The curved, serrated griping surface is easy to grasp with or without gloves and the lightening cut gives it a fitting look on the gun.


For shooters that wear gear such as body armor, this charging handle might be a welcome addition to their rifle. When folded shut, it presents a very slick profile that resists getting snagged on gear or when breaking brush. This makes it extremely difficult to knock the weapon out of battery.  When open, it provides nearly 2” of griping surface thats hard to miss or fumble. 


Over all we like the Folding Charging Handle from M&H Machine. It has proven to be a reliable, well built upgrade for the SCAR, and worth consideration for your own. The company makes a dual-sided version that mirrors this design, for those that wish to have a charging handle on both sides. We hope to see more innovative products released from M&H, as they have some cool ideas and build quality parts. You can check out the charging handle here on the company’s website. Use the code “BREACHBANGCLEAR” on their website to receive $5 any purchase!  Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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