Gun of Many Colors: Color-Shift Cerakote from LoneWolf

Color Shift, the amazing new cerakote finish from Lone Wolf,  makes your gun a fashion statement. I am not a fan of shiny guns, my taste runs more to fall colors and earth tones, but Color Shift has my attention. Cerakote is a rugged finish which performs well under any conditions.

Color Shift contains advanced light interference pigments that change color depending on the light source. As your gun moves the finish reflects a shifting rainbow of rich colors.  Lone Wolf offers three types : Mongoose, Razor and Mako.

  • Mako changes color from Green to Blue to Purple Chameleon.
  • Razor changes color from Gold to Green to Purple to Red.
  • Mongoose changes color from Purple to Red to Blue.
  • We currently only offer this service on Glock O.E.M. parts and Lone Wolf parts.
  • Slides and lowers need to be completely disassembled before shipping to us. A new channel liner will be required (we can remove and install for you) If you have plastic OEM sights they will be destroyed during removal so new sights will also need to be purchased.

You can’t see the effect in a photo but this graphic from Lone Wolf gives you a good idea of the colors.  It may take a minute to load. Press the play triangle on the left of the control bar below to start…

The newest finish in gunworld is there for the asking. Get it now before the ATF bans color shifting finishes because criminals don’t want you to know what color of their gun.

You can send your gun in for refinishing or buy a new one from Call now, operators are standing by.

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