Falco Belly Band Review

Well folks, I’m back with another review

Falco Holsters was kind enough to send me what became my absolute favorite holster, their it95 model, but they have a number of other products that intrigued both Charlie and I.

Through the magical mishaps that sometimes occur through the postal service I received a product from Falco meant for my counterpart, a bellyband style concealment holster made of elastic and mesh nylon.

And as any good gear reviewer should do when they receive gear meant for a friend in the review community, I began to laugh manically and test it for myself (with his permission, but still)

Joke was on me, your point Charlie.


After this one bit of gear sizing related misadventure (they do come in my size, this just isn’t it) I still began this evaluation in earnest.

Falco once again does not disappoint


The holster arrived in its beef jerky reminiscent packaging, air tight and sealed against the elements with all relevant instructions printed on the front and back in multiple languages. Rip open the seal and…


It even reseals for long term or waterproof storage, no need to ditch the package.

A quick trip to the gun locker for my Glock 19 and then


The design places the gun under your arm, muzzle to armpit area, at a comfortable level of your choosing. Tension on the body is achieved via elastic and Velcro adjustments on a single front strap. An extra utility pouch sits on your back. It’s thin and won’t hold much except cards or Band-Aids but seals nicely with Velcro and won’t randomly open. Medical history card? Definite possibility.


An elastic magazine pouch sits under your opposite arm to conveniently carry a reload. This is honestly one of the least intrusive ways I’ve seen to carry an extra set of rounds, well done Falco.

The gun and magazine are snuggly held against gravity but the tradeoff is both magazine and gun take a bit of deliberate action to insert and secure (be careful with muzzle and trigger discipline), not the effortless draw and reholster of their leather line-up. Different designs, different functions, different results.


The last item of note was this, I was concerned the front sight of a larger firearm like the Glock 19 would snag on draw. After spending a couple hours doing nothing but drawing I should note the bungee retention tab takes more getting used to than I should have had concern about the sight snagging, it simply didn’t happen.

As for fit and finish? The elastic is quality. The stitching is as fine as on my it95. The nylon mesh is soft and breathable (be sure to inspect you guns regularly for sweat and body oil induced rusting).

In short, Falco produces an excellent deep concealment rig. It isn’t my first choice for concealed carry and it isn’t the work of art their leather stuff is. But it runs… or rather holds, exactly as it should.

“Product used for this review are provided by the distributor of Concealed Carry and Duty Holsters – Craft Holsters. For more information about range of products please visit thier website.”

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