“I have bought a few guns that had to grow on me before I really embraced the firearm. This is not one of those. No buyer’s regret here. I rarely take the same firearms to the range two times in a row, but this will be the gun that goes on every range trip. I just can’t get enough. It is a great change-of-pace from my other pistols and provides a historical reference point that helps me to appreciate how much the science of firearms have advanced since the days of the Old West.”

~Dan Zimmerman from TheTruthAboutGuns.com

Cimarron Firearms’ Doc Holliday combo is just your game. Each 3 1/2-inch, nickel-plated revolver has simulated “Ultra Ivory™” birds head grips and “Doc Holliday” engraved into the back strap, along with the special number of the gun. Chambered for the .45 Colt cartridge, this handy sixgun makes a dandy “fifth ace.” The Uberti-made single action also comes with a matching numbered, bone gripped “push dagger” for those really disagreeable squabbles. Fitted to a matching border stamp-tooled, natural russet-colored shoulder holster that holds both smoke wagon and blade, you’re anybody’s huckleberry, ready to take on all comers. Now all you need is the tin cup!
SKU: SH906

John H. “Doc” Holliday was a gambling man, but it’ no gamble if you arm yourself with Cimarron’s “Doc Holliday shotgun.” You’ll be carrying the high cards in any Cowboy Action shoot with this side by side scattergun. This 20-inch tubed, 12 gauge side hammer “street howitzer” is reminiscent of the double-barreled shotgun handed to Holliday by Virgil Earp in the actual gunfight at the OK Corral, back in 1881 and similar to the cut down double of Tombstone movie fame, this twin-barreled smoothbore will deliver the goods in style with its handsomely blued barrels, color cased receiver, hammers and breech block, and topped off with the name “Doc Holliday” neatly engraved in script form on the shotgun’s side plate. This shotgun is just your game!

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