Blitzkrieg Components 9mm Hydraulic AR Buffer Review

[egg id=”1″] One of my favorite guns to run out and have some fun with is Rock River 9mm LAR-9. It has all the ergonomics of the AR platform combined with the cost efficiency and low recoil of the 9mm round. Not to mention it’s just a lot of fun to shoot! Now the fact that I already LOVE this gun, and it is one that the wife will take out as well made me skeptical about messing with something that already works. So when I was asked to test the Blitzkrieg Components RB5007, I was not really enthused.


Let me start by saying that I am not a small man and that I am not frightened by the recoil of high powered rifles. Now my wife, on the other hand, has been known to be more sensitive to the effects of recoil than myself, so I figured I would bring her along for her opinion as well. Now this company makes several claims, reduces kick & muzzle flip, Improves: accuracy, clustering, dependability, shoulder flinching, felt recoil and service life. The product has a 10 year-1million round Guarantee. As I do want this to go to press sometime this year, I decided to look at all but the service life and Guarantee claims.



Blitzkrieg Components partnered with KynShot to develop a top of the line 9mm AR-15 buffer using KynShot’s Hydraulic Buffer Technology. The 9mm Hydraulic Buffer is made from 17-4 Stainless Steel and uses hydraulic shock absorption to dampen the impact of the bolt at the rear of its travel. It’s weight and length have been optimized for the 9mm application so that it runs reliably, softens recoil, smooths out the action, and stops just behind the bolt catch using any 9mm ammo type. It is the smoothest running, softest recoiling 9mm buffer in existence and will allow faster follow up shots, improved accuracy and less wear on the firearm.

The blowback operation of the 9mm AR-15 drives a very heavy bolt (normally 16 ounces) much harder than a standard AR-15 BCG and it needs to be dampened as much as possible to optimize the system, reduce wear on the firearm and reduce recoil and sight movement. The design is simple, yet very effective and will feel softer and run quieter than any conventional AR buffer. Spring noise is also eliminated using this buffer. Most spring noise on 9mm AR15s comes from the abrupt stop of a conventional buffer causing spring vibration. Our buffer dampens the impact for a soft landing which completely eliminates this vibration and noise. The length of this buffer stops the bolt just behind the bolt catch on a 9mm AR-15 without the need for a spacer. We recommend pairing this buffer with our AR-10 carbine buffer spring or an AR-10 rifle spring depending on how hot/heavy of ammunition you plan on running and how long your barrel length is. Our high performance buffer springs are available separately as well as in buffer/spring combinations for the ultimate in strength, consistency and extremely long service life. For 14.5-16″ carbine barrels, we recommend using our JP AR-10 rifle spring for best performance with standard 115 grain ball up to 147 grain and +P loads. If using in a short barreled application such as an unsuppressed SBR or Pistol, then an AR-10 carbine spring can be used.


  • Length 3.9 compressed
  • Weight 6.0
  • Machined 17-4 Stainless Steel Buffer Body

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First Impressions:

Being the cold February day that it is we elected to visit one of our local indoor ranges, we decided to bring 115 grain and 147 grain 9mm rounds from Detroit Bullet works. Following the first few rounds of 115 with the factory components (while the wife was reloading magazines) I quickly switched the factory buffer out for the hydraulic precision recoil damper. I picked up a fresh magazine, sent some rounds down range, and was surprised. There was a noticeable difference I would say that it felt more like a 22 than a 9mm.

I did my best not to convey anything to the wife as I handed her the rifle, she sent a 2 rounds down range and looked back at me, I asked her “what she just turned he head back down range and emptied the magazine. As she handed me the rifle, I asked her what was the look for she said “It felt different, more solid, stable and less kick.” I smiled and looked at her target she had placed a tighter group on the paper than the previous attempt. I informed her that I had changed to a new buffer she said she knew it had to be something. As we finished, the rest of the magazines her groups got better and better.

I removed theBlitzkrieg Components 9mm hydraulic buffer and reinserted the factory buffer (this time as the wife loaded the 147 grain 9mm rounds). As I settled into nice raged hole groups with my normal consistency I was actually anticipating putting the recoil damper back in (I also wanted to see if there was any sound difference with the 147 grain subsonic round). As the wife stepped back to the line the cadence of her shots increased, I figured that it was taking her longer to get back on target. When asked she stated that she noticed the difference. I immediately replaced the damper and saw a dramatic difference in her groups. Even with the 147 grain she was proud enough of her performance to post them on Facebook.

Starting as a skeptic that didn’t think a favorite gun could be improved upon I realize that I have now been converted. Taking this component out for an afternoon on the range with the wife I can say that it seems the claims are valid her shot time decreased, and her groupings tightened. We both noticed a significant difference in the felt recoil and a faster reacquisition of the target for follow up shots. I have gone from feeling this was just a gimmick to ensnare the unwitting tactiphile into believing that this is a valid tool for improving performance and enjoyment of shooting sports for the entire family.

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Editors Note:

I know of at least one other company that came to us to test their 9mm hydraulic buffer. That product never received a review as we discussed with the manufacturer that the product was crap. Since the product has been recalled and pulled from the shelf.

When I sat with Brian, the owner of Blitzkrieg Components, I discussed my immediate concerns over the product. I am pleased to state that he was aware of the issues at the other company and took several steps to not end up like them. While we have not put enough rounds through our PDW AR-15 in 9mm to determine if it actually meets its claims I can tell you we had already seen signs of failure this far into testing the other product.

Brian has stood behind his products and continues to with his 10-year warranty. Now that Chris has had a chance to shoot this I assure you the next test will be recorded and a higher round count.

Available for $124.95 via Blitzkreig Components 

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