YOU and only YOU are responsible for your life and safety

YOU and only YOU are responsible for your life and safety. One of the reasons I founded MASF – Modern American Shooting & Firearms is to spread and evangelize that doctrine and to get people to wake up, understand take ownership of their own safety. Please take heed, go out and get the education, the training you need to learn from a reputable, vetted trainer/teacher/instructor and learn how to defend your life and the lives of the people you Love and care about. Sometimes that just means paying attention and avoiding danger.


You can ultimately only count on yourself to save yourself from harm, no one is coming to save you. If you must die. then die fighting, not fleeing and getting attacked from behind…. be prepared, able and capable of fighting to the death if anyone tries to take your life or the lives of people you love.

We all want to live peacefully and happily but you must acknowledge that there is Evil in the world and people who may try to harm you for no reason. I am not saying be scared and live in fear…. I am saying be prepared so if that day comes that you must fight, you fight the good fight, leaving that fight alive and returning home to your loved ones.

Please stay safe and remain vigilant. Godspeed -B