WLS 107 – There goes our souls

Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 107, this episode we’ll talk about Gun Tec handguards, PDW Stocks, SBR’s, chronograph, MVB Stocks, 3-gun and more!

Our panel tonight consists of –

  • A Do it yourself YouTuber and do it to yourself redtuber  –  Savage1r –
  • Former Marine and owner of Rivers Edge Tactical, he just got a new cell phone and is confused on why it does not need to be plugged into a wall – Jeremy Pozderac
  • You know him, you love him, he will give you the stink eye with his pink eye, the Machinegun Moses – Aaron Krieger.
  • Sponsored 3 gun shooter and swimsuit model – Kelli Sampsel
  • My name is Shawn, I once smuggled candy into a movie theater in a prison purse because… well because I like it. Candy that is.

Our guest tonight has been shooting since he was 9 years old, served in the the Marine Corps and is now a USPSA and 3 Gun competitor for SIG Sauer, please welcome Clay Klemm!


READ BY JEREMY Tonight we are going to do We Like Shooting Theater sponsored by Manticore Arms. Where we re-enact movie scenes, our style. Tonight we will perform a scene from “THE TERMINATOR”.


TERMINATOR: [picking up guns] The 12-gauge auto-loader.

PAWN SHOP OWNER: That’s Italian. You can go pump or auto.

[hands the Terminator the pump action shotgun]

TERMINATOR: The .45 long slide, with laser sighting.

PAWN SHOP OWNER: [hands the Terminator a .45 gun] These are brand new; we just got them in. That’s a good gun. Just touch the trigger, the beam comes on and you put the red dot where you want the bullet to go. You can’t miss. Anything else?

TERMINATOR: Phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range.

PAWN SHOP OWNER: [annoyed] Hey, just what you see, pal!

TERMINATOR: [looks around] The Uzi nine millimeter.

PAWN SHOP OWNER: You know your weapons, buddy. Any one of these is ideal for home defense. So uh, which will it be?

TERMINATOR: [pointing the 12-gage shotgun towards the door] All.

PAWN SHOP OWNER: I may close early today. There’s a 15-day wait on the hand guns but the rifles you can take right now.

[sees the Terminator load his 12-gage shotgun]

PAWN SHOP OWNER: You can’t do that.

TERMINATOR: Wrong! [shoots the clerk]

—  THE END —

It is that time of year again- time to shoot BULLPUPS!


Saturday September19th, 2015

9am to 5pm


The Site Training

11311 S. Skunk Hollow Road

Mount Carroll, IL 61053


The following demo guns (plus many more) will be available to try out at Bullpup Shoot 2015!


  • Full auto Tavor 5.56mm
  • Full Auto Tavor X95 (Micro Tavor) 5.56mm
  • ZRX intergrated suppressor Tavor 9mm
  • St. George Arms .50 caliber semiauto bullpup
  • DEZ Arms 308 precision AR
  • Full auto Steyr AUG 9mm
  • Suppressed Seyr AUG 5.56mm
  • Full auto FN FAL
  • Full auto P90 5.7mm PDW
  • Full Auto Thompson SMG 45 ACP
  • Full auto M4 carbine
  • Full auto AK-47
  • Bullpup Unlimited 12 gauge shotgun
  • (several others, these are just the confirmed ones!)

We are giving away 5 Manticore Arms patches and 1 flash hider this week. Go to http://welikeshooting.com/manticore , send Sven a note and everyone who does will be entered to win the 6 prizes this week. Make it so.

Manticore Arms giveaway

  • patches – Eric Smith, Chris Schrecengost, Adam Lund, Len Dichtel, Gun Metal Guy USA
  • muzzle brake – John Davey

where we talk about stuff that we have, want and need!

  • Jeremy- SBR Build
  • Shawn – Chrony chronograph
  • Kelli – Rapid mags
  • Guest: MVB Stock

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  1. Amendment to allow 1911 sales by CMP on shaky ground.
  2. Man killed by tank owned by jelly bean king
  3. Reporter murderer idolized mass shooters: http://www.whsv.com/nationalap/headlines/After-Shooting-Alleged-Gunman-Details-Grievances-in-Suicide-Notes-322990431.html?device=phone&c=y
  4. Australian police banning bolt action chassis that ‘look military’.

Savages Crime Article

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