WLS 105 – I lost on Jeopardy

Welcome to the We Like Shooting show, Episode 105, this episode we’ll talk about Desert Tech, CAA SRS, Primary Arms, Kimber, Barrett, Glock 43, Chris Cheng and more!

Apologize for last episode, give quick explanation

Our panel tonight consists of –

  • A YouTuber and the owner of crappyDIY.com –  Savage1r –
  • Former Marine and owner of Rivers Edge Tactical, a heroic gentleman that is currently participating in a 20 year study on the effects of ranch dressing in mentally handicapped individuals – Jeremy Pozderac
  • a precision rifle builder that is famous on instagram – Nick Lynch
  • You know him, you love him, he puts the p in inept, the Machinegun Moses, Aaron Krieger. (some people think it’s funny when we mock you but a bunch of people have started thinking it’s just mean. I’m like FINALLY someone gets it!)
  • My name is Shawn and I am super tan.

Our guest tonight is the champion of the History Channel’s Top Shot, Author, Inspirational speaker and Pro Shooter for Bass Pro Shops, Leupold, Salient Arms and Houlding Precision. Please welcome Chris Cheng

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READ BY Savage Tonight we are going to do We Like Shooting Theater sponsored by Manticore Arms. Where we re-enact movie scenes, our style. Tonight we will perform a scene from “Dumb and Dumber”.

Harry = Shawn

Lloyd = Aaron  

Harry Dunne: I don’t get it, Lloyd. She told me ten o’ clock, sharp! Are you sure you went to the right bar?

Lloyd Christmas: Yep. I’m pretty sure. Lobby bar right by the lobby.

Harry Dunne: [sighs]

Lloyd Christmas: Maybe she just had a change of heart.

Harry Dunne: Oh, that pisses me off! That pisses me right off! I hate when women do that. She wanted to see you again! And now no? Now… Wait a minute! Wait! She must have meant ten o’ clock at night!

Lloyd Christmas: Do you think…?

Harry Dunne: Why would she have you meet her in a bar at ten in the morning?

Lloyd Christmas: I just figured she was a raging alcoholic.

–  THE END –

It is that time of year again- time to shoot BULLPUPS!


Saturday September19th, 2015

9am to 5pm


The Site Training

11311 S. Skunk Hollow Road

Mount Carroll, IL 61053


We are bumping things up a notch and have moved to The Site Training facility in Mount Carroll Illinois (site of Bullpup Shoot 2011)

We will have three whole bays that will feature a host of full auto, suppressed, and rare weapons supplied by Vendors that you can try out.  Want to shoot a machinegun?  Want to shoot a suppressed subgun?  Want to shoot a belt fed weapon?  This is your chance!

We will also have a “Open Shoot” bay specifically dedicated for you to shoot your own rifles at steel gongs and to try out some longer range firepower!  (bring your own ammo for your guns, and please no steel core ammo)

A host of Vendors will be on site including Manticore Arms Inc., RATWORX, DS Arms, DEZ Arms, K&M Arms, and many others.  Vendors will have new products on display and a host of items on sale including bullpup rifles and accessories (all Illinois and federal laws apply).

We are giving away 5 Manticore Arms patches and 1 flash hider this week. Go to http://welikeshooting.com/manticore , send Sven a note and everyone who does will be entered to win the 6 prizes this week. Make it so.

  1. Hollis v Holder – Texas dismissed and appealed to 3rd and 5th circuit
  2. ATF denies that it is an agency to avoid FOIA requests, which is interesting because it’s ON THE LIST OF GOVERNMENT AGENCIES.
  3. Seattle City Council passes gun and ammo tax. Don’t care that there’s state preemption

Best gun podcast I know of

by bardy1122 on Aug 12, 2015
RATING: ★★★★★

most entertaining, very funny but can still keep you informed on things in the gun industry. I look forward to a new episode every week, would really like 2 a week but am more then happy with 1. Thank you for this awsome podcast.

Fantastic show!

by HK45 Greg on Aug 05, 2015
RATING: ★★★★★

This is my favorite shooting podcast. I start to get withdrawals as Wednesday approaches. It’s a really good mix of current topics in the firearm community along with helpful tips for all things firearms related. The cast really plays well off of each other and are all passionate about sharing their information with the listening audience. Even at the expense of the other members self-esteem. It’s always a good time!

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