Wildgame Innovations – Crush X20 Lightsout Trail Cam

Hunting season is underway. If you have not spent time exploring and surveying your hunting area you are behind and need as much help as you can get. That is where Wildgame Innovations comes in with all your trail cam needs.

Wildgame Innovations is a family owned and operated business that has been operating since 2002. Their experience and passion for the hunting industry has been evolving since the early 90’s. They have tested and used many of the industries products only to find not all products meets the mark.  The Wildgame Innovations team desires to provide reliable, functional products that work.


Today, we are looking at the Crush X20 Lightsout cam  – The features for this Camera are:

  • Resolution setting for pics can be set for Hi (20MP), Med (10MP) or Low (5MP)
  • Resolution for video can be set for HD 720p or Reg 480p
  • Flash is good up to 100’ with 56 high intensity invisible IR LED’s
  • Sensor is good up to 60’ with a (PIR) Passive Infrared Sensor
  • Image format is JPEG digital stills & AVI digital video
  • Aspect ratio can be set for either wide 16:9 or Regular 4:3
  • Memory can use up to a 32 GB SD card
  • Batteries are 8 AA and boast 1/yr or 50,000 photos life
  • Has a built in cap to retain time and date
  • Mounts via an adjustable strap

Additionally the Lightsout means it uses invisible IR LED’s and they have an extended range while maintaining zero detection. The Crush X20 also uses a “Flextime” time-lapse technology, which compiles images into an easy to view video while capturing motion-triggered events.  In the exposure control settings you can choose High (greatest distance, some motion blur), Medium (long distance, little motion blur) and Low (average distance, very little motion blur). Your image display includes temperature, date, location, time, moon phase and photo count. The LCD screen displays time, photo count, location, date, camera settings and battery level.


The Crush X20 Lightsout also has a built-in color TFT viewer for viewing your captured images in the field. It boasts of a .5 second rapid trigger speed. It has a built in cable lock compatible system (cable not included), it is water resistant and weather endurable. You can mount it with a strap or bungee cords but it does come with a strap. This camera features backlit buttons so no matter what time of day it is; operating or changing setting is easily accomplished. Wildgame Innovations includes a Flextime software CD that is a windows compatible cd for viewing your images and videos.

I just want to say the ability to customize the wide variety of setting is a plus for getting exactly what you need to stalk your game. Without a doubt this camera tips the scales in your favor and saves tremendous time getting to know the area you are operating in. I have enjoyed sharing the photos with friends and family. Not only seeing what game I am hunting also catching the others in the act moving through my area. I have captured deer, hogs, coyote, fox, birds and people on my cam. This is just the beginning of the benefits of owning trail cams. I will continue adding to my collection of Wildgame Innovation cams in order to cover more territory at one time. I will have to say the video feature on this cam has been of the greatest value to me as I am able to watch movement, direction and seem to catch more prey due to the tight area I am hunting. I also love catching trespassers on video, as there are no disputes after action footage. Due to the design of the case they walk right by and never see it, as the textured bark case blends the cam right into the tree.

— RC Reynolds of Swanson Media Group

Source: http://www.thegearlocker.net/2016/12/wildgame-innovations-crush-x20-lightsout-trail-cam/

Eric TGL
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