Why We Love HPR Ammo For Our Rifles And Handguns

At Shooting Sports Retailer we run a lot of competitions. While we’re not the best team in the world by any means, these outings prove a great way to test products from our editorial partners and really put them through the wringer of stress, accuracy and durability on the clock.

One of the most dependable products we’ve added to our inventory is the line of rifle ammunition from HPR. The Arizona-based ammo maker offers a full line of rifle and pistol rounds for every type of shooter. Whether its for personal defense using HPR’s Jacketed Hollow Point pistol ammo in everything from 10mm to 380, real-deal operators who need to engage targets indoors using the frangible Black Ops line or competitors like us who need rounds to feed well and hit their mark every time, HPR offers an affordable alternative with premium components.

The HPR 55gr 223 ammunition is a go-to round for running and gunning, with a blistering 3,223fps muzzle velocity, the round keeps much of its speed even out to 300 yards at 2,112fps. Each round is made with premium components and is hand inspected at HPR’s Payton, Arizona, plant.

We’ve fired nearly 1,000 rounds of HPR 55gr FMJ 223 ammunition through a wide variety of test guns — with a wide range of magazines as well — and never had a hiccup. That’s enough info for us to recommend HPR’s line to just about anyone.

And don’t forget HPR’s pistol lineup either. Whether it’s 38 Special, 45 ACP or big fat 10mm, HPR has a round that’ll feed dependably, shoot straight and do what it’s supposed to on target every time.


248 Shooter
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