Who is the mysterious sniper that kills ISIS chiefs in Libya?

The militant chiefs are said to have been picked off one-by-one in Sirte, the Libyan coastal city where colonel Muammar Gaddafi was born, which the ISIS-affiliated groups took control of last year. According to unconfirmed social media reports, ISIS fighters are now sweeping the city for the man ordinary Libyans are said to be dubbing ‘Daesh hunter’.

Social media are full of posts dubbing mysterious sniper as “Daesh hunter”. It’s also reported that ISIS militants are now sweeping the city in order to track down a mysterious killer.

The first militant who died by the hand of the mysterious sniper was Hamad Abdel Hady, a Sudanese national who was killed on January 13, according to Libya Prospect. According to that report, he was an high-ranked official in the sharia court, handing out ISIS’ warped and violent sense of justice.

The next target was identified as Abu Mohammed Dernawi who was killed on January 19 near his home in the city and the most recent death is rumoured to be that of Abdullah Hamad al-Ansari, a high-up commander from southern Libya, who was shot dead as he left the mosque on January 23.

However, despite the eventual sniper could be recognized as a hero to those living under the control of ISIS, this may not be the start of rebellion or something similar against ISIS fighters in the city because journalist Daniele Raineri pointed out a similar assassination took place in July, when an ISIS preacher was shot dead.

The town of Sirte has become a safe heaven for ISIS militants since US-led coalition and Russia’s bombing campaign started. The estimated number of ISIS militants occupying town is around 3,000 fighters.

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