When AK isn’t OK, Pt 3.

Made in the U.S.A…

There are very very good small batch AK productions in the United States. Rifle Dynamics, FullerAK, and Krebs Custom are testaments that American AKgenuity even after import bans struck down some of the finer complete rifles we were once offered.

But… that hasn’t held true across the board. The term ‘you get what you pay for’ holds true in the AK too. And oh.. have we seen some atrocious Made in the USAk’s. The video goes through a few especially egregious examples of fail but is careful to highlight that, like the AR, when we do it right we do it right!

The American market has a quality all its own in that if demands more, more than many international standards when it comes to durability, reliability, and accuracy. Now, the whole of the market doesn’t always demand more. Some demand less, as in less dollars because AKs are just ‘cheap commie guns’ and other FuddLore of yesteryear. The under informed buyers of the world mix their narrow perspective with a couple items of ‘research’ from the internet and come up with funny answers.

Yes, it is perfectly reasonable that a good AK and good AR cost about the same. So be suspect on anything that is to good to be true pricing.

A man once offered me SCAR rifles for $1549 each. I told the man I would take 10. I was serious, he was not.

Beware the cheapo AK just because it says Made in the USA.. you’re gonna have a bad time.

*Que the my X brand has X,XXX,XXX rounds through it with 0 issues comments*

Cool, I am happy for you. But the sample size we are working with are total produced items and categorized by design changes and implemented fixes. It’s all well and good that your IO or US Century hasn’t acted up, but in the small arms game you need a continuous stream of successes with very few failures and a history of active fixes to those failures to be considered viable. Sig has that. They’ve had several weapons turn out less than stellar in mass market, but they fixed the problems. They didn’t just replace one for one hoping it wouldn’t be a lemon this time around.

And that’s how US AK’s became the third worst while simultaneously being some of the best. I’m looking forward to Arsenal AK20’s in a big way for a reason.

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