Whatcha got Brandon? A Smoothie? – Brandon Herrera’s SCAR 17 Review

The FN fans, like myself, were not immune from the Mike ‘The Blizzard Thumb’ Jones’ frozen rifle tests… and, sadly, our favored rifle, the SCAR 17, froze under the pressure.

Actually, it froze under the water, because the laws of physics. The SCAR 17 is many things, but capable of bending the laws of space and time is not among its powers. Tame recoil in a lightweight .308 though, that it does nicely.

authors scar17 in the cold and snow
It does, in fact, work well in both the cold and with a suppressor on if not left to freeze all the bits that should move into ones that don’t move anymore.

Caleb and I discuss that here,

A long video about a long video and why, sometimes, the internet gets worked about ‘out-of-contexts’ things.


Brandon has joined we happy Belgian Waffle Folk and gives his opinions on this fine firearm. Yes, it is a fine firearm. Even when it froze and rusted under freezing and thawing conditions that cause rust.


The FN SCAR 17 continues to be one of the standard setting battle rifles. It’s almost 20 years old at this point, but it’s a design that seems set to last. It built on upgraded concepts from the M1 Carbine, the FN BAR and FN MAG, and the AR. It brought together the best modern concepts (to that point) and seen steady upgrades from that point.

It was before the longer handguard revolution swept the industry (just prior to) and companies have solved that, and several other wants of the ownership group, both government and private, that came out. It remains a premier .308 (and emerging 6.5 and potential 6.8x51mm host) that taught us that optic quality matters.

You can see that in the video, the RDS is M O V I N G on the top of Brandon’s SCAR. But, to be fair, look at any rifle, especially an AK, fire in slow motion and it is disconcerting. Everything flexes… a lot. Like a very uncomfortable amount of ‘I don’t think anything flexed that much…’ And on that note I discourage you from looking up bridges and skyscrapers in high winds.

Keith Finch
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