WAR: Poland struck in the latest Russian rocket attack against Ukraine

photo via Atlas News
photo via Atlas News

We do not do a lot of news on the war here, there are other excellent sources for that, but a NATO nation has been hit by Russian weapons with two reportedly killed, at least.

MORNING UPDATE: Evidence is now suggesting that while the weapon was certainly Russian that hit Poland, it may have been fired by Ukraine against the incoming Russian missiles, missed, and then landed in Poland.

UPDATE 2: The Polish President has said it appears to be a Ukrainian fired weapon in defense against the Russian mass missile attack, the missile is Russian made but was fired against incoming Russian weapons that target Kyiv and elsewhere. This appears to be, although the investigation hasn’t concluded, Russia’s fault indirectly instead of directly. Russia’s missile attack necessitated Ukraine’s defensive firing of the Russian built interceptor missiles, one or two of which malfunctioned, flew into Poland, struck a farm, and killed two, is currently being held as most likely to blame. Article 4, an emergency meeting of NATO, has been enacted.

Przewodów, Poland which sits near the border with Ukraine was hit by two of the over 85 missiles. Russia, has used rocket attacks on Kyiv as a method of retaliation as their conventional forces get hit hard by Ukrainian ground and air assets in the conventional fight.

With ordnance landing on a NATO nation causing deaths and damage, Article 5 could be enacted and the nation could theoretically bring the whole of NATO into conflict with Russia. Russia’s only defensible claim would be they did not deliberately attack Poland, to which Poland might not care.

Russia continues to fair poorly against the smaller Ukraine, they would crumble under a combined attack from NATO. The problem is, of course, that Russia could still use their nuclear arsenal to retaliate. Especially in Europe. A more measured response is more likely with Poland making a demand of recompense and leveraging NATO as the stick to extract it or bring the Kremlin to the table.

This is a developing situation. Poland’s defense ministry and prime minister are meeting.

With evidence suggesting this may have been Ukrainian counterfire instead of a miss from Russia, Ukraine’s continued aid from the west may suffer as a result. If it does, an emboldened Russia could prolong the war even further by pushing harder and firing into dangerous areas for Ukraine to defend so as not to hit NATO again.

Final confirmation has not been issued by Poland or US sources as of this update.

Keith Finch
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