So you want to have matching guns…

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-From Team Hollis

The matching pistols argument.  

Recently, the wife has attained her concealed pistol license and attended a few local IDPA matches; all which led to her going shopping for her own pistol. At least that was the plan.

As it turned out, I have been using the HK VP9 for the last year or so. I love this gun’s grip, function, reputation, and the fact that I didn’t spend an arm and a leg on the coveted HK product. Turns out the wife also liked this… so the choice was simple, share (hell no) or get her one as well. She is more than capable of purchasing her own, but there is just something epic about getting a deal on a solid piece of hardware. So, a few months ago there was a matching HK VP9 in the gun bag.

This caused a chain reaction of events that I am sure you will discover. As you get married, or have that solid range buddy that doesn’t have his own gear… One range bag is not enough. The Mrs now has her own bag. Electronic ear pro. Ammo carriers, cleaning gear.. And so the dominoes start to fall…. Soon holsters were an issue.

When you get married… it’s not just “yours” it’s “ours”. This is how I lost a solid G-code holster that I loved. Note, this is not a downside at all. You can now shop at the gun store, online, whatever; with no repercussions. This $124.99 shopping cart.. could be for her… could be for you…. Who knows!

Now, she has night sights on her VP9.. mine came standard. I have always been a fan of lights where possible and so I now rock an inforce APL on my HK.. which has led to a whole set of new hosters…. This leads to the first valid argument for matching pistols: “The right tool for the job”.

I have always posed that you need a solid rifle, pistol and shotgun. The same could be said for multiple AR platforms for the avid hunter. Multiple pistols/Revolvers for the competitive shooter. Likewise, I have a “day” gun. And a “night gun”.. Sounds super solid as an argument right? Perhaps if one setup was in .22 and was used for practice… I would have a stronger position.

A stronger argument for two of the same pistol make/manufacturer/caliber is the magazine argument.

One set of magazines!

The strongest reason I can see for having two of the same guns is really the ability to have one stashed somewhere, use one as the EDC (Every Day Carry) and all the while, have the same spare magazines. All that act the same, reload the same, interchange, store., etc.

There are probably six to eight HK vp9 magazines rolling around in gun bags or stashed in glove compartments around here. And it does not matter is my wife is slaying muggers or we are headed off to a pistol match and need just one more magazine, it all works the same.

Magazine carriers can be worn at a match, but my wife can load mags for me, or vice versa, while the other is on the line about to shoot. We always have a set ready to go. It’s like having a whole set of spares available… as long as you flushed the toilet, or put the seat down… or whatever odd requests may pop up when you need a spare mag and can’t find one. More on this later as I investigate.

I am not the only one!

It is true. My best friend and his wife actually have matching pistols as well. This was the prompting for this article, when we were at the range last week… and I saw that we had 4 pistols, but only two makes/models. They have matching Smith and Wesson M&P’s in 9mm. They have full size pistols, one is the pro version with the upgraded trigger that Tim carries while Hannah, his wife, carries the standard 9mm with the built in Crimson Trace laser grip which I must admit is totally sweet.

As it turns out, we may have the same pistols as our spouses, but they are all unique in their sight selection, grip size, and the addition of lights, lasers, and triggers.

But really….  

You just want to dual wield. We all know it is what you are thinking. It sounds all good, the matching magazines. The tactical accessories applications. The “tool for the job” arguments. In all reality, you just want to have the ability to…. In the rare event that you get to… go all Bad Boys 1 and 2, for about 3 seconds of dual pistol action Wyatt Erp glory….

Until you realize…

You don’t own a left handed holster,




Chris / TeamHollis

Keith Finch
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