Virtue Signal Flexing

It was popular for awhile. Showing just how ‘woke’ you were by giving up a gun because “enough was enough” and all that jazz. People commited multiple felonies, filmed them even and uploaded them to YouTube. See above. Virtue Signal Flexing came and, I thought, went.

Apparently not in Idaho.

Stan Smith wants people to buy AR-15s, destroy them and give money to charity

AR-14’s too. No, seriously…

Last month, Smith offered $500 to anyone who would surrender their AR-14 or AR-15 rifle to be destroyed and sign a pledge to give that money to a charity of their choice.

Jim Runsvold, of Caldwell, was visiting the area on a hunting trip and gave his AR-15 to Smith. The Daily News previously stated the rifle was an AR-14, but Runsvold confirmed it was an AR-15. If AR-14s are in circulation, they are much less common than AR-15s.

Ohhh man. Scary rifle right there.

Stan would like you to give up your rifles to him so he can destroy them because they are dangerous and shouldn’t be in civilian hands. Your AR-14’s (which would be as classic a collector item as could be in good condition, also clearly conventional hunting guns) and your AR-15’s.

He also doesn’t want you to take your money in fair trade, he wants you to donate it to charity. Also, apparently a private rifle sale between Stan and Jim was baffling to several observers.

Some have questioned the legality of a Viola man purchasing an AR-15 from a Caldwell man and then promising to donate the $500 to Family Promise of the Palouse in Moscow.

Moscow, Idaho. No Russian collusion. But as is well know, I thought, a person to person same state resident firearm sale is perfectly legal. Only a few states require NICS checks for private transfers to other state residents for rifles.

These are the people against us folks. Ignorant and determined.

Keith Finch
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