‘Universal’ Background Checks Come to New Mexico

Image via National Geographic and New Mexico travel guide

Extensive advocacy work by proponents of stronger gun regulations in New Mexico has led to a new law that will require federal background checks for most gun purchases, including online sales and at gun shows.Splinter News

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Image from Morgan Lee AP, Governor Grisham signs SB 8

Only two errors with the above statement that anyone remotely familiar with law can attest to. ‘Online’ Gun Sales MUST ship to a federally licensed dealer who then must perform the NICS federal background check. The same goes for every dealer selling at a gun show.

The private sales that have instead become prohibited don’t sound as flashy as “closing the gun show loophole” though. Selling to a prohibited person is a crime, letting a prohibited individual borrow a firearm is a crime.

Is making the crimes several times redundant actually producing meaningful reductions in injury and loss of life?

Despite all logic to the contrary gun control advocates continue to redundantly stack legal violations and act surprised when an individual violates them. Almost like someone determined to create criminal mischief doesn’t care if their act was one time illegal or three times illegal.

“We all have a constitutional right to be safe in our homes and communities,” Lujan Grisham said, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Weird flex… but okay. Using alleged constitutional authority and protection to actively quash a constitutional right.

New Mexico, which has one of the country’s highest rates of firearm deaths per capita, joins more than 20 other states with similar regulations on firearms sales.

But will a background check, easily circumvented and difficult to enforce, do anything to curb that number in a way that makes this a positive move? Or is this just gun control theater as normal?

Gun deaths per capita is far too vague a stat to associate with being drastically influenced by adding a background check to legal private sales. Lack of background check is not a cause of death. The direct and indirect influences involved in gun deaths are too many degrees separate for this to work.

I expect to see more “Sanctuary” counties pop up where this waste of time is not enforced and the efforts of law enforcement are instead directed towards investigations and more effective community outreach.

Keith Finch
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