It’s Tuesday and I don’t want to internet today. I am very busy on the personal side of the house since I am moving into a new house, a process that has been hit with delay after delay after delay. But it is finally happening!

Unless it gets delayed.

But anyway. The rumblings of the internet are many right now but with nothing very concrete in gun circles. Stuff is happening, people are developing the shiny things, but we are in a moderate interim on the development side because everything that currently exists cannot be produced fast enough for commercial demand.

So instead of pointing out something wizzbang new and neat today, I post Gun Meme Review with Brandon Herrera.


Yes, that Grand Master Jay. The NFAC leader who just titled himself Grand Master, who called a conventional AR type rifle a Bullpup “because this bitch got kick”, and whose in depth knowledge or firearms is so vast he believes that the AR fires when the bolt closes.

[Hint: It doesn’t, even if the safety is off and you are squeezing the trigger it does not fire. The disconnector will continue to hold the hammer when the bolt moves forward just as if it was cycling normally. These weapons are called drop safe for a list of reasons.]

Also, more memes to move your day along. Enjoy!

Keith Finch
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