True North Concepts Modular Holster Adapter: Truly made for YOU


The sole purpose of True North Concepts is to create the finest mission essential tools our minds and hands can build.“- True North Concepts

Innovation, a term that is used often with True North Concepts. A company that designs and tests their products with one goal in mind, making lifesaving equipment that breaks through the mediocre designs we still see popularized today.

The Modular Holster Adapter (MHA) is a truly innovative product. It breaks free from the 90’s holster designs our Military and shooters alike are running. The MHA is a completely new design that fixes the problems our fighters have such as movement of the holster when drawing, weak equipment, and inability to adjust the holster to shooter preference.

When it is range or mission time the thoughts that go into gun and holster choice are made largely due to the lack of modularity within our systems. One holster will fit on one mount and one belt while another will fit on another belt but won’t fit on that mount. It can be a headache. The Modular Holster Adapter (MHA) from True North Concepts is made to never limit your equipment choices or set ups again.

History of Holsters

“Solving the centuries old problem of carrying a pistol”-True North Concepts

Note: I am very impressed by the PIG gloves being used in the photos..

Fixing the Foundation

What is the foundation when talking holsters?

The belt and mounting hardware.

We have come far in the fighter belt world. Making lighter yet rigid belts. The belts are a strong foundation to build off of, then comes the mount used to attach to the belt. Most holster mounts are made with polymer. Easy and cheap to mold in bulk. Polymer however is not a solid foundation to build off of. With holsters we need friction when mounting into the webbing and rigidness on the mount to disallow flex. To fix the friction issue the MHA uses two strong straight bars to create a “vise-like” tension on the webbing of the belt. True North Concepts goes on to talk about ensuring that there is no flex the entire length of the holster. As more shooters are running their guns lower, movement and play at the bottom of the holster is felt. The MHA fixes that by running the entire length of the holster.

modular holster adapter aluminum construction and type III hard anodized
Mounted on a BFG CHLK belt

Shooters Preference

The Modular Holster Adapter allows for a cant range of 20 degrees. 10 degrees forward and 10 degrees negative. It has three holster height options using mounting holes that begin at the most preferred point and the point to clear armor, the mid-ride point or just below the beltline. It is the only mounting option on the market that truly allows the shooter to make it their own.

Leg Strap Kit..if you want it

Leg Straps, also coming from old western ideals when they used a thin leather strap to keep the holster close to the body.

While many military entities are not training with leg straps anymore, many shooters still do. If you’d like a leg strap True North Concepts gives shooters a new and again..innovative design of thigh strap. The MHA leg strap finally gives shooters the ability to change the ride height of the strap by placing the leg strap bracket onto the MHA at the shooter preferred points.

modular handgun adapter leg strap for lower riding holster set ups
MHA Leg Strap Kit

The thigh strap again is made to military soft goods specification with a 1″ elastic strap and Fastex buckle. The bracket colors allow for matching between both MHA and leg strap bracket.

If you have a go to leg strap that you would rather use, the MHA is compatible with many other kinds such as Safariland, Ronin Tactics, or 9Toes Design LLC Vastus System which features a wider 1.5″ leg strap

Holster Options

The Adapter will mount to many quick detach holster systems. For example QLS, MLS, and ELS are all adaptable. The holster also allows quick release belt mounts such as Tek-Lok with top mounting points.

Adapter Plates

While the MHA allows users to directly mount their holsters onto the adapter, some holsters currently do not have that ability. One of these holsters is the BlackHawk Omnivore. To fix this issue the BlackHawk Omnivore Holster Adapter was made. True North also developed a MHA G-Code adapter for the G-Code RTI system.

Note from TNC: “We have recently discovered that although the Omnivore has the same hole pattern as “T-series” holsters, apparently the mounting holes of some other T-series holsters vary in size (larger diameter then those of our plate). At this time, we are not sure which other holsters utilize these larger screws. We will be adjusting the design of this adapter in the near future, to accommodate both hole sizes. If your adapter will not fit, please email us for a return. If you have a cordless drill and 5 mins, you can make it work by opening the hole up slightly, and sourcing the right size hardware.“-True North Concepts

Belt Options

The MHA will fit a wide array of belts that are up to 2 1/4″ in. wide.

MHA Specs

The Modular Holster adapter is made from 6061 T6 Aluminum and hardened steel hardware. No YFS screws… Due to it being a skeletonized mount the strong 6061 aluminum makes it virtually no more heavier than a standard hanger. An example, the MHA comes in only 2 oz heavier than the polymer Safariland hanger.

It uses Type 3 Mil-Spec anodizing. In this case and well any true case, the Mil-Spec anodizing is true to military specifications. These adapters are made in the same tank as other military equipment.

The MHA comes in two different colors Black (LE) and FDE (mil) made for both Law Enforcement and Military.


True North concepts MHA modular holster adapter

The MHA comes with a series screws, posts, spacers, threadlock and the hanger. There are three different sizes of spacers to allow the user to adjust where the holster sits from the body.

Some tips and tricks found during installation: loosely install the screws and posts. This allows you to one, slide the screws where you want them before tightening down for the perfect cant, and also remove the screws if you find that you don’t like the position. There are many options for mounting so it is really shooter preference and could take a couple tries. The spacers are there to both protect the equipment and allow you to find the spacing from the plate that works. Once finding the perfect spacer sizing and screw placement apply the threadlocker and allow it to sit for 45 minutes to an hour. You can also make witness marks to consistently show that the threads are still in place. True North encourages you to play with both height and cant before deciding. I encourage you to also go to the site and look at the photos that go along with the adapter. They paint a good picture on how to install.

Note: If you’re really feeling it you can also make a video of installation. There are many review videos but zero installs. Help people out!

My Install

I am running a Blue Force Gear CHLK belt with a BlackHawk Omnivore for my FN509T handgun. Due to running the Omnivore that has a bit of a different hole pattern than other holster systems I did have to purchase the adapter plate. I was actually glad I was running the adapter plate. It allowed me to throw on some more spacers to push it a little bit further from my body. After playing with some placements I decided on the top mounting points and the very furthest forward cant position. Mind you, I have shorter arms so you may have to go lower with your point preference.

As was said before… True North learned from history’s failure points. Looking at where the holster came from gave True North the failure points that can be turned into successes. Life saving successes.

Anna Martinez
Anna is a Federal Weapons Gunsmith with 8 years of previous experience within the US Army Ordnance Corps (91F). She has taken multiple armorer and weapons proficiency classes to include FN, Knights Armament, and Small Arms Weapons Expert course. She also writes for American Gunsmith, AR Build Junkie, and is active in Precision Rifle sports around the nation.