Treestand Hunting Tip

Anyone who has ever hunted from a treestand knows it’s tough to climb the tree with one hand while holding onto your gun or bow with the other. And if it’s strapped onto your back it’s also difficult to climb. So hunters use pull-up ropes for ease and safety. But many times this thin rope turns into a tangled bird’s nest while in your pocket or pack. In this video JJ demonstrates a trick he’s been using for years. Simply use or buy a long retractable dog leash to use as a pull up rope and watch your pull up rope frustrations cease.

At an early age Jeff was kicked in the face by an exposed hammer shotgun, stunting his growth but also sparking a passion for guns, hunting and the outdoors. Since the crack of that old gun, he's traveled the world, hunting, shooting and writing for national outdoor magazines. His Youtube page adds a bit of practicality to tacticality, dispels hunting and shooting myths, gives fairly honest reviews of guns and gear because he's not beholden to anyone, and offers real-world based tips--that might well be wrong. Rest assured, Jeff is no Navy SEAL, although he stayed at a Holiday Inn once in San Diego.