Toronto Police Save Citizenry From… Tetanus?

Gun Shaped Object At 12 O'clock High!

Toronto Police Vehicle
Perhaps the only thing that’s more absurd than gun buybacks is the numerous local police “Crap we found this week” social media posts. Many departments have taken to posting the products of their latest bust on Twitter or Facebook, and while it’s important that police, well, police, the things they choose to highlight as trophies can get ridiculous. Toronto Police Service’s social media department has got to be the champ of this game though, and the picture above is just the beginning.

Ignoring the obvious age of this revolver, gleaned from the only part of its original surface one can discern, given the volume of rust/corrosion/dead barnacles that appear to have encrusted it over the decades, who was this threatening? This is at best a paperweight, or possibly a blunt instrument. We realize that guns are a big deal to our neighbors in the Great White North, but only the ATF (and apparently TPS) would consider this a firearm anymore. We’re sure John Dillinger is relieved to know this gun is off the streets.

Another, not quite so antique, but equally questionably functional find. I’m sure this was a great gun sometime around the release of the original Red Dawn, before it wound up in someone’s prison pocket for the duration of the GWOT.

Look how they massacred my boy!
Toronto Police Firearm Trophy

This one… probably works? It might be just as crusty as the others, but with all the tactical electrical tape, it’s hard to say.

Toronto Police Firearm Trophy

Lastly, this is a favorite. Too new to be a relic of Benedict Arnold, too old to be legally considered a firearm by the ATF. To be fair, they have taken some legitimate, functional, modern firearms off the streets but what does it tell you about strict gun control, if you’re constantly catching criminals with guns? We would consider that a clue, but alas, we aren’t the detectives here.

Note: In looking for photos of this hilarious bullshit, we noticed that the guys over at did a very similar story back in April, so give them some love if you want to see more, and check out the cooler stuff TPS netted in their quest to rid their city of curios and relics.

Lars Smith
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