Top 10 reasons why a fat operator is better than you.

You may think your svelte build and lean body type would give you the advantage in the field, but this list explains why the big “opereator” outweighs you not just in pounds but in benefits.

10. Lost in the woods, supplies run out? Guess who is going farther without food. Not you.

9. Water operations? As you struggle to stay afloat guess who is riding the waves to shore, that is right Mr. 70% body fat.

8. Bigger Target? No sir, just more decoy flesh.

7. Puts weight behind falcon punch, you just got hit by a mountain.

6. More personal square footage to put more tactical gear on. You got room for another PMag? No? Guess who does.

5. Need a tent? Someone has the ability to whip off their shirt. Viola, you have a tent. You’re welcome.

4. At a distance an enemy might mistake a single tubby operator as an entire seal team and run away.

3. Gets all the cool nicknames like, BIG MAC, THE BEAR, THE TANK, SLIM.

2. Torture? Can’t water board a whale, it only makes them stronger.

1. Tactical Slide? How about the Tactical Roll, this operator has a ton.

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