TLP 135 2016 SHOT Show Part 1

In this episode we have our good buddy Andrew Breneman and LTC (Retired) Mikey Hartman formerly of the Israeli Army and current Big Cheese at Kalashnikov USA, CAA Tactical USA & Israel, and Hartman Optics on to talk about all the cool things they are offering and especially innovatively badass is the Hartman Optics MH1 Reflex Sight! Chris Cheng drops in for a quick catch up and tells us about a very cool new target system he is involved with, Mason Target Systems, bringing affordable technology to the firearms smart target industry. We kick off this episode with the rowdy, but hilarious, gang from Cobalt Kinetics. Jeremy brings their shooting Team Keith Garcia, Rick Birdsall, Nick Atkinson and Kalani Laker in for some good but educational fun Talking Lead style…more from 2016 SHOT coming soon thanks to our sponsor Artificial Shoulder Pocket

Mikey Hartman Andrew Breneman



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