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New York, NY – October 20, 2022 – The HISTORY® Channel is set to premiere the new competition  series “Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman” hosted by trained welder, outdoor enthusiast and three-time  “Survivor” contestant Colby Donaldson and World Champion shooter Mark Romano on Thursday,  November 3 at 9:30PM ET/PT. The eight-part series tests some of the world’s top marksmen and  markswomen by using centuries-old historical weapons like primitive knives, bows and firearms.  Competitors will navigate several distance, precision, and obstacle challenges – each designed and based  off of the history of the American frontier. It’s a showdown that will put their weapons knowledge, accuracy  skills, and unique techniques to the ultimate test with competitors on a mission to earn the title of “Ultimate  Marksman” and win $10,000.  

Throughout history, those who wandered the wilderness of the West needed to rely on handmade weapons  and survival tools to maintain life on the mountain. Surviving harsh weather and hungry predators often  came down to one shot. The knowledge and expertise they displayed with these frontier weapons are still  being honored today. “Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman” is an extension of the network’s popular  “Mountain Men” franchise with the new competition series aiming to revisit the pioneer spirit and way of  life on the old frontier.  

“Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman” tests skilled weapons experts like never before – from using a bow and arrow to hit bullseyes while balancing in a moving river to firing historic rifles through a 12-foot wall  of fire. The series incorporates fascinating facts about American history with explaining how weapons were  made for successful survival for living off the land. Each weekly, one-hour episode brings together four  talented competitors to a ranch in Montana as they strive to become the “Ultimate Marksman,” a title  achieved only by completing three rounds of precision-based challenges. Each competitor must use a  different centuries-old weapon and technique to effectively hit targets. The challenges also present a unique  twist requiring competitors to move through the landscape in a way that only mountain men and women  would. At the end of the third and final round, the marksman or markswoman with the highest total points  earns the coveted title and walks away with a grand prize of $10,000. 

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Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman” is produced for the HISTORY® Channel by Warm Springs  Productions. Marc Pierce, Chris Richardson, Vince Cariati, Shawn Striegel, Troy Batzler and Ben Ford  serve as executive producers for Warm Springs Productions. Colby Donaldson serves as a producer. Eli  Lehrer, Mary E. Donahue and Max Micallef serves as executive producers for The HISTORY® Channel. 

A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights to “Mountain Men: Ultimate Marksman.” 

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