Those silly roller delays…

As I have been heavily tinkering around with a PTR 32 KFR, roller delays are back on the menu, boys (and girls, and orcs, and hobbits, and dwarves, and elves, and men of the west, etc.)

Delayed blowback is most famous in the H&K and H&K derivative, but the French FAMAS also used a delay system (lever). Gas piston has since ruled the day nearly universally. But these guns are still fun! They are not the most practical designs anymore but the sheer tenacity to make them work is fun.

Additionally, the design utilizes a floated barrel, and the moving parts are all behind and disconnected from the barrel, lending it a dramatic amount of accuracy potential.

Anyway, here are Josh and Henry of 9-Hole shooting the 5.56 version, the 33/93.

Keith Finch
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