The Supergun World

Have you ever heard of supercars? You know, those uber-expensive cars with names like McLaren, Pagani, and Ferrari? They are expensive, made in limited numbers, and often difficult to obtain. But boy, oh boy, are they fast. Their performance is unmatched, and man, they must be fun to drive. What’s the equivalent of supercars in the gun world? I got to thinking, which led to Googling, which led to drooling. What are the superguns on the market? The list isn’t long, but it’s too long for one article, so I kept today’s list of superguns limited to handguns

The World of Superguns

A supergun can be a lot of things. First, it must be an extremely well-made and high-performance machine. These aren’t just good-looking guns but performance-oriented handguns. They can be high-tech and capable of doing things no other gun can manage. Superguns can be top-of-the-line race guns that are oriented toward dominating the competition. They are likely custom-made with limited production and a very high price point. These are not just guns; they are technological marvels. 

The Laugo Arms Alien 

The Laugo Arms Alien checks the high-tech and expensive boxes. This innovative pistol uses what has to be the world’s lowest bore axis for a semi-auto design. The intention is to counteract recoil and provide a flat shooting firearm capable of the quickest splits known to man. The Laugo Alien did more than lower the bore axis. 

Laugo Arms

The gun is optics-ready, but the optic remains stationary as the slide cycles. A stationary optic is an optic that’s easier to track and faster to get back on target. The barrel remains stationary and this leads to enhanced accuracy. The reciprocating mass is super low, meaning even less recoil. 

The Alien Laugo is a high-performance firearm designed to give shooters a competitive edge. The Alien certainly falls into the supergun realm. It’s innovative, high-tech, expensive, and made in fairly limited numbers. With this in your hands, you’re not just a shooter; you’re a force to be reckoned with. 

Atlas Gunworks Athena v2 

The world of 2011s and double-stacked 1911s isn’t small and is only growing. Plenty of well-known companies produce some fantastic firearms, and even among gun people, the name Atlas Gunworks isn’t all that well known. If you know Atlas Gunworks, you know superguns. I could probably put any of their guns here, but the Athena v2 is my favorite. 

Atlas Gunworks

This particular model is appropriate for duty, self-defense, or competition, so it gets the top spot. Everything about the Athena v2 delivers an extreme degree of performance. Every inch of the gun delivers the kind of American craftsmanship we should champion. Everything is smooth and constructed to deliver an extreme degree of reliability, accuracy, and control. 

The Athena v2 adds an optics-ready option to the Athena lineup. The gun has a 4.6-inch barrel, numerous magazines, and just about every custom feature you could want from a supergun. 


I can’t give them credit for a good name because it reads like a Windows Error code. The CZ AO1-LD OR comes from both CZ and CZ Custom. CZ Custom takes the CZ 75 design, builds it from scratch, and integrates an extreme degree of customization. The AO1-LD OR is designed for competition purposes, and that’s where it makes its money. 

CZ Custom

CZ Custom integrates a custom frame with a massively heavy dust cover. This integrated weight keeps recoil and muzzle low and drags it down to make it one of the softest shooting 9mm guns ever made. The unloaded gun weighs 47 ounces in total. 

From there, we get a custom trigger that’s as smooth as butter, an optics-ready slide, oversized controls, and a grip designed to let your hand go all the way up. The AO1-LD OR is second to none for competition use and is a certified supergun. 


This is the third Czech gun on the list, and that says something about the world of Czech firearms. They are ahead of the game. The FK BRNO labels itself a field pistol. The gun fires a new proprietary cartridge known as the 7.5 FK. The cartridge and the gun aimed to have an extremely powerful and accurate pistol that could easily make shots at 100 yards. Later variants allowed you to convert the BRNO to a 10mm round for a more common ammo source. 


This beefy-sized pistol was designed as a niche military pistol. The Czech versions even come with stocks and forward pistol grips for greater accuracy and control at longer ranges. Even when firing the beefy 7.5 FK and the 10mm, a unique recoil attenuation system makes it feel like a snappy .40 S&W. 

They must have known the gun would be pricey and went ahead and took it to the next level. The FK BRNO features a brilliant trigger and innovative long-range iron sights. It isn’t cheap but does something most other guns only dream of. 

Korth NXS 

Let’s end this with a revolver and what’s likely the most well-known name in superguns—Korth. Korth is a German company that’s become legendary for its custom-made, highly tuned, and often beautiful firearms. The Korth NXS combines precision engineering with innovative features and has a striking appearance. 

This 8-shot .357 Magnum revolver comes in four- and six-inch barreled varieties. It features a rail for optics, adjustable sights, and a precision-tuned action that makes it tough to ever go back to an S&W. I’m talking a brilliantly smooth trigger that just puts everything else to shame. 

The Korth NXS even allows you to swap to a 9mm cylinder if that’s more your style. To facilitate quicker reloads, both cylinders are cut for moon clips. Does this revolver compete? Defend? Hunt? Yes, but it also looks good doing it. 

Who Needs a Supergun 

Most people don’t need a supergun. It’s not about needs, though. We live in a country that allows you to buy a supergun if you want one. If you want one, then get one and enjoy the hell out of it. Unlike supercars, superguns tend to keep their value, if not grow in value, due to their limited numbers. If you don’t want one, that’s cool, but you owe it to yourself to at least try one. 

Travis Pike
Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record setting 11 months at sea. He’s trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines and the Afghan National Army. He serves as an NRA certified pistol instructor and teaches concealed carry classes.