The State vs the Amish (Part Deux)

Remember that time the ATF was dirty-dealing an Amish farmer over firearms?

Yeah, well now Democrats in the state of Pennsylvania are seeking to do some related dirty deeds.  Click on the link to check out this blog post by a 2A supporting attorney in PA.

You may recall that many Amish purchase firearms via personal sales and not through an FFL because their religious faith prohibits photographs of their faces – even for a photo ID. You may also recall that an FFL dealer may NOT sell firearms to someone without said photo ID. That leaves only private sales – which are not currently illegal.

Except Democrats (and even some Republicans) in the Pennsylvania State General Assembly are seeking to do just that – make private sales illegal  – via House Bill 714.

Apparently this includes ALL sales outside of an FFL, so this impacts non-Amish Pennsylvanians as well, but the average PA citizen already has photo ID. It’s the Amish who will be the most adversely affected – because not only will the government be infringing upon their Second Amendment rights, it will also be infringing on their First Amendment rights.

If you live in Pennsylvania, you need to contact your state senators NOW in order to keep this unconstitutional disease from spreading from the House to the Senate. 

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

Dr LateBloomer
Dr LateBloomer is a female general pediatrician who bought her first firearm at the age of 46. She now enjoys many different shooting disciplines including self-defense, IDPA, Steel/Rimfire Challenge, Sporting clays, and even tried 3-Gun for several years. She has gotten started in hunting and has expanded into crossbow. She is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and works to enlighten her medical colleagues whenever possible.