The Shooter’s Christmas Gift Guide

Do you have a shooter in your life? A person who can be impossible to shop for because you might not understand the stuff they are into? Well, we gotcha covered, and hopefully, our Christmas Gift Guide for shooters, geardos, and outdoorsmen will make things a little easier.

Gerber Lockdown Drive

Why Gerber would release something called the lockdown after a couple of years of Covid is beyond me, but here we are. If you are looking to equip the boys and girls in your life with an effective and affordable multitool, check out the Gerber Lockdown Drive. Lockdown isn’t a cheeky, poorly timed joke, but a reference to the frame lock that locks your tools in.


The lockdown lacks pliers and sells itself as a small, concealable multitool that slips in and out of the pocket much like a standard pocket knife. It’s a low-profile tool that’s the perfect Christmas gift for your prepared person. It packs a knife, file, Exacto blade, a bit driver, and several more little but handy tools for a life well-lived.

FRED 3D Targets

This is a shooter Christmas gift guide, and one universal thing shooters need is targets. Some targets can be quite boring, and as such, I’m suggesting the FRED 3D targets. These are not your normal targets, but 3D targets the shooters assemble. They stand tall, have arms ‘legs’ and can even hold weapons.


FRED targets can be used to replicate hostage scenarios, shoot or no shoot events, and whatever else your imagination has in store for you. These targets aren’t the cheapest, but they provide a lot more training potential than your standard paper target.

Streamlight Wedge

A good EDC light makes an awesome Christmas gift, and the new Streamlight Wedge might be one of the better lights on the market. It’s a pocket-sized light that’s flat instead of round. It’s super ergonomic, pocket-friendly, and capable. The main beam is 300 lumens, but the option THRO mode turns things up to 1,000 lumens!

It’s super light, rechargeable, and doesn’t fill up your pocket when carried. Plus, the ergonomics are on point. The Wedge provides a handy little light for EDC and comes in at a respectable price point that’s tough to beat.

Mantis Blackbeard

Dry fire is boring, especially with your rifle. Well, Mantis aims to liven things up with the Blackbeard. The Blackbeard is a drop-in AR-15 bolt that automatically resets your trigger for you. No more recocking to take another shot. It works with AR 15 platforms and isn’t necessarily caliber specific. However, it won’t work with guns that have bigger than 5.56 bolts.

Every time you pull the trigger, the bolt resets the hammer and allows you to perfectly mimic shooting. The Blackbeard is fast, too, and can reset a trigger ten times a second, so even full auto is covered. It’s a sweet setup that takes dry fire to entirely new levels. It’s a great Christmas gift and gives some training potential without the cost of ammo.

A Drum! But a Good One

Drums are freaking sweet, but most suck. Drums are often plagued by reliability issues. Do you know what drums don’t suck? Magpul’s! Magpul makes drums for the AR 15, the AR 10, the Scorpion, and Glock weapons. These 50 to 60 round drums offer lots of firepower and are incredibly reliable.

Magpul cracked the code to make drums work, and as such, they make a great Christmas Gift that’s frustration-free, fun, and can even be practical.

The Heritage Barkeep

Guns can be tricky to Christmas gift, so make sure you follow all applicable state and federal laws. Guns can also be hard to gift because they are expensive. As such, let me suggest a fun, somewhat silly, but ultimately cheap gun. The Heritage Barkeep takes the Rough Rider and shrinks the barrel down to just a few inches.

This little 22LR will make boys, girls, adults, and basically everyone smile. It’s fun to shoot, reliable, and, as I mentioned, cheap. It costs about 150 dollars, so it doesn’t leave the realm of possibility. The Barkeep offers a fun plinker, and everyone loves plinking.

Experiences Not Things – A Class

Finally, last but not least, consider buying someone a class. Specifically a firearms class. Preferably from someone who has proven themselves as a competent trainer. Guys like Tim Chandler, Ashton Ray, Symtac Consulting, Sentinel Concepts, Larry Vickers, IWI Academy, and Sage Dynamics all teach outstanding classes.

Purchasing a class gives the shooter in your life an experience. Experiences rule! Consumerism tells you to want things, but trust me, a few days at the range with a competent instructor is always better than just another thing. Make sure you consider the location of the class, as well as the round count and skill level. If it’s a new shooter, aim for a basic class. If the shooter’s experience aimed for a more advanced class.

Heck, if you don’t know, just ask. Ask who they want to train with, and where, when, etc. It might not be a surprise, but it will get them exactly what they want, and that’s golden.

The Christmas Gift Guide In Full Effect

Hopefully, our Christmas Gift Guide for shooters has helped you narrow things down for the shooter in your life. Christmas gifts or hell, any gifts for anyone involved in a niche hobby, sport, or lifestyle can always be tricky. Hopefully, we gotchu you covered for the upcoming holiday season.

Travis Pike
Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record setting 11 months at sea. He’s trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines and the Afghan National Army. He serves as an NRA certified pistol instructor and teaches concealed carry classes.