The SA-35, how is it actually?

Review starts at about 2:25 if you don’t want to see an Alpaca (and why would you skip that?) but the Springfield engineers have brought back the FN Hi-Power.

The fit seems solid, sights, barrel, and other improvements are on point, the finish seems meh, and the reliability has been… Well, they have had a couple public problems on early guns.

Here is GT with the thorough breakdown.

TL:DW: The gun has a couple items that are of note. Extraction seems to be problematic, gets tired after 800 rounds or so and will fail every few of magazines. This is probably going to result in a PIP in place on the new guns as they roll out. I don’t expect Springfield to sit on a gun that isn’t working as well as they or their customers want it to when it’s their newest toy and all the excitement the gun generated.

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