The Recover Tactical 20/20

Don’t we all love pistol braces? They have been an excellent addition to the world of guns and made many clumsy pistols fun to shoot. They’ve also made some not so awkward guns a little handier. Glock brace kits are nothing new, but the new Recover Tactical 20/20 kit is different from any other brace on the market. Like many, it attaches around the Glock and utilizes different points of contact around the gun. 

The main difference is the minimalist nature of the brace system. It’s superbly light and small and guess what? It’s even compatible with a holster system that has pretty clever design. The Recover Tactical 20/20 has a folding tail system that also makes it very compact as far as these systems go. Compared to kits like the Roni or KPOS, the 20/20 is much smaller and slimline in design. 

The high impact polymer shell feels well made and constructed. The system opens up to accept the Glock smoothly and efficiently. The brace folds with ease and then locks in the folded position. The end of the brace features a robust little strap thats adjustable and fits my big forearms easily enough. 

Package Variations 

The package comes in a great variety of different options. You can choose which options work for you, and at the same time, the price is determined by the package. The cheapest package runs only 100 bucks. This also makes it one of the more affordable Glock stabilizing kits. Here are the kits as follows: 

  • 20/20B – Stabilizer Frame, Brace w/Strap, UCH & GCH17 Charging Handles 
  • 20/20S – Stabilizer Frame, Brace w/Strap, UCH & GCH17 Charging Handles, Sling, Picatinny Side Rails
  • 20/20H – Stabilizer Frame, Brace w/Strap, UCH & GCH17 Charging Handles, Sling, Picatinny Side Rails, G7 holster w/Pistol Adapter (Can be used without the 20/20 stabilizer brace)
  • 20/20MG – Stabilizer Frame, Brace w/Strap, UCH & GCH17 Charging Handles, Sling, Picatinny Side Rails, G7 holster w/Pistol Adapter (Can be used without the 20/20 stabilizer brace), MG9 Angled Mag Pouch For Glock Magazines

Strapping it Together

The installation is not toolless, so it’s not an instant install, or something you can do on the fly. It takes a moment and requires an Allen wrench, but it is easy enough. You can choose either a low or high charging handle. Guns with optics have to use the low charging handle. You can attach optional side rails with an Allen wrench and call it a day. Compatibility is only with stock Glocks and the system is not compatible with Polymer 80 Glocks. 

There is a third rail at the bottom, and this bottom do-hickey allows the gun to be holstered with the included system.

This holster is a paddle design with a weird vice-like construction that clips onto the bottom of the rail and goes up high enough to cover the trigger guard to make the entire setup safe to carry.  

The holster is surprisingly supportive and comfortable. The gun stays put and is also very easy to draw from. I don’t think I’ll be concealing it, but I can live my poor man’s Post Malone open carry fantasy. 

To The Range, We Go 

Installing your Glock into the Recover Tactical 20/20 is easy, the system is quite minimalist in design, and the setup feels good. Let’s do the fun part and strap it on and take it to the range. 

The forearm covering strap tightens down easily, and the brace is angled to accommodate your arm. The brace design is ingenious and does allow for you to hold the weapon a lot less awkwardly than most braces. You can rotate your arm and achieve a good hold on the gun and commit to full extension. 

Firing with the brace is very comfortable, and it doesn’t rub you raw or cause any pain. The brace does extend what’s basically a third arm from your body, and this allows you to increase your control over the gun. The Recover 20/20 acts like the biggest beavertail in the world. It increases your leverage on the gun and gives you some real control over the muzzle flip. 

Should the brace accidentally touch your shoulder, the little bit of polymer at the back of the brace won’t provide a lot of shoulder support. It’s also somewhat short, so I imagine shooting it from a shouldered position will feel a little short. 

The Recover 20/20 changes the gun’s handling ergonomics a bit. Using the slide lock to drop the slide is difficult to get used to slingshotting it. Using the slide lock to lock the slide sans magazine isn’t as easy as flicking it up. Racking it from the charging handle is the only actual way to rack the slide as well. The changes aren’t too significant, but worth noting. 

The Recover Tactical 20/20

Overall the product doesn’t interfere with the operation or cause reliability issues. It’s seemingly one of the most affordable, yet quality pistol brace kits. It’s a handy tool and a fun kit that can increase the functionality of a pistol. It’s certainly worth a look and is a worthy competitor to similar kits, but at what is likely a lower price point than most. The Recover Tactical 20/20 brace was provided by YRS for test and review go click the link to give them a look. 

Travis Pike
Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record setting 11 months at sea. He’s trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines and the Afghan National Army. He serves as an NRA certified pistol instructor and teaches concealed carry classes.