The new rule for ‘Frames and Receivers’ still has not been published on as of this morning, so who knows when we’ll deal with that nonsense again. So instead, let’s watch something fun. Ian has uploaded a wonderful video on the FINAL FORM of the BAR.

The Browning Automatic Rifle, made famous in World War II by American Forces. Originally adopted at the end of World War I. Shown to the military by John Moses Browning in essentially a, ‘Hey gents, check this out. You’re going to want them.’ party (and they did). Perhaps most infamously used by Bonnie and Clyde.

This was the magazine-fed 30.06 that almost started the battle rifle trend. It was close, arguments could be made that it’s success and the M1 Garand’s success led to the M14’s layout. The BAR also evolved into the M240, the FN MAG58, which is among the most beloved general purpose machine guns in existence.

Anyhow, the BAR still had some legs left in the 1950’s, a whole four decades after its debut. The 7.62 NATO had been agreed to since the US still loved them some 30.06 and we were going to completely disregard our promise to adopt FN FAL’s instead of the problematic M14 because we loved the M1 Garand too and the M14 looked like a Garand (operated quite differently).

So FN made one final variant in the 50’s, just before that battle rifle era, and this is it. Enjoy. Give Ian a follow too, you’re crazy if you haven’t.

Keith Finch
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