The Narrative: Why you didn’t hear about this one…

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1 Killed, At Least 6 Wounded In Shooting During Cookout Outside Church

Yesterday we published a story about the California Synagogue attack. That narrative played out as expected on media circuits. The white supremacist anti-semite (Trump hater too, as the President is pro-Israeli) who “somehow” got an AR-15. The focus seems to be on whether it was a California compliant rifle or not and the horror that are the border states where such guns can be purchased at street vendors as easily as a hotdog… or so the fervor seems to point towards.

Heaven forbid we remember back to another mass shooting, in San Bernardino, where the assailants used non CA compliant rifles to commit a devastating terrorist attack. Or the Bataclan Theater in France where terrorists used non French compliant weapons to initiate a devastating terrorist attack.

It is shocking, shocking I say, that rules against a tool’s possession or configuration don’t seem to resonate deeply with people who blatantly disregard the rules against homicide.

However, back to The Narrative.

The Narrative is the constant portrayal of the AR-15 and like firearms as weapons of mass destruction, and that those who support ownership or own such items are, at some level, paranoid or deranged individuals. Given my understanding, I would bet Japan would have much preferred to be attacked with semi-automatic rifles.

The Narrative requires they give the synagogue shooting all the attention and ignore the Baltimore cookout shooting in my subheadline, despite the same dead (1) and more wounded in Baltimore. The Narrative will only acknowledge Baltimore if it becomes convenient to pad their mass shooting tally, they will ignore the circumstances surrounding Baltimore.

Investigators found shell locations at two separate locations, and believe that someone may have returned fire at the gunman, or that there may have been a second shooter, the Associated Press reported.

He [Harrison, the Police Commissioner] did not release a possible motive for the incident, but noted that it appeared to be “extremely targeted.”

“Someone knows something,” Young said. “These things…they don’t happen by happenstance. People know who’s doing these shootings.”

A neighbor told me a bunch of people were having a cook out when “someone rolled up and started shooting.” 7 people shot. I asked if this is shocking or concerning, it happened steps from her door… and she shrugged and said it’s Baltimore. @WMAR2News – AbbyIssacsNews

So in short… a gang-style shooting, a hit or retaliation specifically targeting someone at the cookout or suspected of attending. As the Baltimore resident said, “It’s Baltimore.” The violence displayed with such prominence from California isn’t being pushed. The Narrative cannot use this, not like it can use California

The Narrative does not recognize gang violence the way it does spree killing or attempted spree killing. The vast disparity in their respective frequency and circumstance does not support The Narrative. A group of criminals killing another group just as laden with illegal and illicit activities can’t be used by The Narrative as a headline.

In short… The Narrative requires a certain kind of violence to encite its audience, anything straying from that must be downplayed or ignored. #GunControlLogic

Keith Finch
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