The Nanuk Hard 995 Rifle Case by Plasticase

Perhaps one of the best hidden gems from the 2015 SHOT SHOW was the discovery of the Nanuk series of hard cases for firearms and equipment from its parent company, Plasticase. I had the pleasure of meeting Frank Vitiello, the sales manager for the company. Frank took the time to explain the company’s goals of offering affordable and durable products for all tactical and outdoor needs in the form of professional looking hard cases of all sizes. Immediately, these cases looked very well made and ready for any abuse you could throw at them.

Soon after returning home from the show in Las Vegas I reached out to Plasticase and had a model 995 rifle case sent for review. Offered in three colors, the sample that arrived was a sand colored tan that would blend very well in several different types of environment. Immediately upon its arrival, the case had proved its durability by surviving UPS delivery. The cardboard shipping box was barely held together with packing tape as the seams were ripped and holes torn all across all four sides of the box. Three snips from a pair of scissors freed the box’s contents from the over worked tape. As I inspected the actual hard case once fully removed, I could not find even the first scratch to its surface. With visions of a 200lb gorilla jumping up and down on the shipping box all day in the back of the UPS truck, I start by commending Plasticase’s Nanuk division early on in this review.

Measuring L52.0 x W14.5 “x H6.0″ interior and L55.1″ x W17.3″ x H6.6” exterior, this is NOT a small case. The model 995 case is designed for the fully secure transport and storage of a high end long gun with sensitive optics. In all the harsh conditions I have put my precision rifle through during my tenure as a Law Enforcement sniper unit; I would not have hesitated in packing it in this case. Constructed from impact resistant NK-7 resin like all the cases by Nanuk, the model 995 is water tight offering an IP67 rating due to its rubber inner gasket.

995 1

With a weight of 21.6lbs empty, this is not a light weight and frail case by any means. While it is not the heaviest hard case I own in my collection, it does make me grateful of its polyurethane bottom mounted wheels and ergonomic spring-loaded handles when I have to travel any significant distance to load or unload its contents. The optional foam inserts offer very little added weight but are worth the extra money to be able to customize the case’s interior specifically to your needs.

One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to cases is the lid construction. All too many times I have opened the lid too far and popped the lid off its hinges or popped a rivet. The Nanuk 995 offers a positive 110 degree lid stop to prevent any incidental damages caused by drops or over pressure on the hinges. The lid is secured tightly for transport with Plasticase’s patented power claw latching system that locks up tighter than a bank vault. For added security and to meet airline requirements, the cases can be pad locked through four stainless steel supported hasps located around the case. Additional eyelets surround the case as well for any tie down needs you may have.

995 Lock

Listed at $599.99 and realistically retailing between $340 and $399, these cases are not a readily affordable option for every gun in your collection, but it does offer the best piece of mind that a shooter on the go could have, just short of loading up a 1200 lbs. Liberty safe and hauling it with them. As a top choice for law enforcement, military and competition shooters, check out a Nanuk case for yourself at your local dealer or visit them at


Eric TGL
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