“The M14 is still the greatest…” Okay, But Really The M110

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The Knight’s Armament M110 Semi Automatic Sniper System (SASS) was the formal acknowledgement by U.S. Forces that a semi-auto rifle was an effective and accurate precision platform with a great deal of utility.

The system, first fielded in 2008, has received a number of variants and upgrades but the core rifle is still a precision KAC Stoner AR-10/SR-25.

Accurate under sustained fire and with an effective range of 800 meters the SASS and rifles like it are filling a critical niche in precision weapons. Conventional wisdom said that only the sealed and unmoving lock up of a bolt action rifle could produce precision. While a good bolt action is incredibly accurate the SASS is allowing those slower fire precision systems to push the bounds with extreme distance calibers. Where rapid engagement is not nearly as critical a factor as first round engagement success is, the rifles have gone big bore while the SASS is filling the role where older 7.62x51mm bolt rifles once sat.

The increase in available sustained precision firepower inside the half mile envelope is incredible with the M110 and peer systems.

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Keith Finch
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