Gun Control Doublespeak…

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It’s frustrating… truly truly frustrating trying to pin down the perspective of people looking to curb and influence violent crime. Gun control doublespeak spins my head. Say a thing, state a goal, and then implement an opposing policy.

Durham County DA criticizes felons with firearms report: ‘Not well researched’

Out of Durham County, North Carolina the DA is criticizing a report that stated they dropped 53% of their ‘Felon in possession’ firearms charges. Out of the 363 arrests listed (121 a year) the majority were voluntarily dropped.

Firearm by a felon is “a status” offense, not a gun crime, DA Satana Deberry said. “Just because somebody is a felon doesn’t mean they are a violent person. There are many felonies in which violence is not involved. That is a tenuous, at best, connection, and I don’t think it is true.”

But… but the Red Flags!?

I happen to agree with DA Deberry, possession is not a sole indicator. A ‘felon’ who has served their time and been released should have their rights like anyone else. But felons have all been permanently ‘naughty listed’ and failing the background check is the ultimate red flag… in theory. We know that failed background checks rarely result in arrests and those arrests rarely result in prosecutions.

So why are we using “status” charges if they’re so ineffective?

“When that charge is filed alone, the DA’s office considers whether a person is truly a danger to our community, which is not indicated by his or her status as a person with a prior felony conviction.”

So is or is not a felony a disqualifying factor for owning a firearm? Federally, it’s as illegal as it gets. But laws ineffectually enforced have no teeth. The ‘do as I say for this moment until it comes out this sucks and then we do something else’ method.

Beto and Kent State

No greater example of gun control doublespeak was given to us than that of Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke telling us we needed to ban guns and pass laws because of the Kent State massacre…

By… the government. The Ohio National Guard, the “Militia” that gun controllers place on the pedestal of people who should only have ‘these assault weapons’ killed four unarmed students.

I honestly don’t know if this is just a play on ignorance so deep that referencing a shooting happened is enough to advance the narrative… The only other conclusion is O’Rourke is that out of touch himself.

It’s a weird Monday, readers. I am baffled.

Keith Finch
Keith is the former Editor-in-Chief of GAT Marketing Agency, Inc. He got told there was a mountain of other things that needed doing, so he does those now and writes here when he can. A USMC Infantry Veteran and Small Arms and Artillery Technician, Keith covers the evolving training and technology from across the shooting industry. Teaching since 2009, he covers local concealed carry courses, intermediate and advanced rifle courses, handgun, red dot handgun, bullpups, AKs, and home defense courses for civilians, military client requests, and law enforcement client requests.